Friday, December 31, 2010

The Night Before the Meek's Christmas

"Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house,
Not a creature was sleeping,
Not even a mouse,
They jumped on their beds,
Giddy with glee,
With high hopes that soon they would see,
A big large fellow,
Dressed in red,
With a big fancy hat
Hanging over his head.
"Twas the night before Christmas
And outside the house,
Someone had landed,
Not meaning to rouse,
Four little children,
Who crept to see,
Hiding behind the Christmas tree.
When Santa came down
The chimney so small,
It was all he could do
Not to stumble and fall,
For strewn on the floor,
And thrown on the ground,
Many toys did abound,
As he looked all around,
And exclaimed with dismay,
"No toys for these kids",
They heard him say,
"This is a disarray!!"
So they crept up to bed,
Constant with dread,
Fearing that Santa
Soon would head
Back to his sleigh
With his coat so red.
They thought he might skip them,
Because of the mess,
They mused as they dressed
"Twas the night before Christmas,
And into the house,
Crept inside like little mice,
Tiny elves, who were quite nice
They tidied the house,
Set right the shelves,
Then left quite suddenly,
with a leap quite nimbly
So Santa filled their stockings and left,
The children were asleep in their beds,
So tired they were,
That they failed to hear,
The swooshing of a sleigh,
An occasional neigh,
Or Santa whispering into their ear,
"Good night my dears,
I'll be back next year."

By Caroline Meek

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Farmer and his Sons-Retold by Caroline M.

A farmer, stricken with a fatal disease, was worried that his sons would be negligent towards the fields, the crops would perish, a his family would be without a cent. So he summoned his sons and told them that there was a great treasure hidden in one of his fields. Accordingly, after their father's death, they searched in all the fields, which, to their frustration, yielded nothing. In response to their wasted digging however, the crops were well plowed and they collected an abundant harvest which sustained the whole family for a very long time. By and by, the sons realized that their well-spent anger was, in truth, the fruit of their own labor.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Contrast and Compare Paragraph on the Differences between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians

The Rockies and the Appalachians are both mountains, yet they have many differences. Such as, the Rockies are on the Pacific coast, ranging from British Columbia, Canada to New Mexico, U.S., while the Appalachians are in the Eastern Region, stretching from Newfoundland, an island of the coast of Canada, to northern Alabama, in the U.S.. Although the flora is of difference, the fauna contrasts noticeably. Located in the Appalachians, live many animals, including - bears, cougars, tree squirrels, rabbits, deer, wolf, moose, elk, fox, skunk, raccoon and boars. Birdwise, there are woodchucks, hawks, owls, doves, ducks and wild turkey. Also, the Common Garter Snake, the Copperhead, Black Rat Snake, the Timber Rattler, and the

poisonous Pit Viper. The streams and rivers are abundant with fish. In the Rockies, however, due to the harsh climate, there are limited species. Bears, Cougars, lynx, snow-hare, American Marten, squirrels and a few birds - the Mountain Chickadee, Steller's jay, owls, Nut Hatches and finches. Both area's woods include firs, spruces, oaks, herbs, monk pines. The climates are harsh; frost is not unexpected even in the summer. Thunderstorms occur often, and hurricanes, although uncommon, can happen. Lastly the Rockies are taller and sharper than the Appalachians, which are older and have been wore down by erosion. Although they are similar, they both have their differences.

Friday, November 5, 2010

An Argumentative Paragraph on the Advantages of A Large Family - By Caroline M.

A large family is a good thing. One of its advantages is that the older children can help with the younger ones. Also, the more children you have, the more grandchildren you'll have. Still, it costs more to feed and house a larger family than for a smaller one. Although the former single child may feel jealous at first, he or she will soon accept Number 2 as a playmate and friend. Large families have their disadvantages, but they also have many benefits.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Summary by Caroline

The Hound of the Baskervilles begins when, after Sir Charles' mysterious death, a man called Dr. Mortimer comes to Sherlock Holmes seeking advice to a certain family legend. This legend contains a gigantic, fearsome hound. Sir Charles, thought to be the victim of the phantom hound, was found dead, paralyzed with signs of utmost fear written on his face. Holmes and Watson investigate, while guarding Sir Henry Baskerville, the heir of Sir Charles' estate. When danger arises, Watson does his best to keep Henry away from the moor, where signs of the hound are frequently found. In the end, Holmes devises a plan to catch the criminal responsible for Charles' death, risking Henry's life to save it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Once upon a time, we went to Lake Quivira to swim in the lake. We had a great time there. After our lunch of PBJs, Annie and I went back to the water, but Charlie stayed behind to play in the sand. While we were playing water tag, Charlie had found a mound of dirt and had started poking it with a stick. The hours passed by and suddenly we realized we hadn't seen Charlie for a long time; in fact, not since lunchtime! He wasn't in the water; he wasn't on the beach, no one was. There was just a little beach ball that had been put on the top of a pile of sand, it looked like it had a face on it. "Wait a second!" cried Annie, "Beach balls aren't allowed on this beach!" We ran over to the ball and realized that it had a mouth too! The 'beach ball' was really a human head just sitting there on the beach! Really, it was Charlie. He had buried himself in the sand!
The End.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ask the Computer

Hi. My name is-well never mind. That's Top secret with a capital T. I'm a computer. I can answer about anything you ask me. Go ahead, ask me a question. "What is the capital of Massachusetts?" Asked an elderly woman who looked like she could have been a teacher. "Easy!!" I cried, "Concord." Suddenly, a crowd of people had crowded around me and were firing questions at me left and right! "What is 3010+4990?" A man cried out. "8000." How many people are there on the earth?" "7.3 billion," I said. These questions are way too easy for me! Then someone asked, "What is 1+1?" "Um," I said,"Um,uh - let me ask the printer."

That was the end of my career.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Damara and the Mailbox

One day Damara was walking down her neighborhood street when she heard a voice. "Damaraaa.... Damaraaaaa..." Damara turned around quickly. No one was in sight but an old mailbox. Then she heard it again, "Damara!! Come here!!" " Who are you?" Said Damara. "Why, I'm a mailbox, of course." Replied the voice. "Right." Said Damara. "No really, who are you??" The mailbox said nothing. Damara got up close and inspected the mailbox very closely. There was silence. Then the mailbox said, "BOO!!" Damara said, " Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Sophie, I know you're in there!!" "Sophie?" said the mailbox, "Who's Sophie? Damara just knew Sophie was in there. But she wasn't!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Special Powers for a Day

My name is Lily. I used to have special powers. This is how it happened: One day I went fishing; and I felt a tug at the end of the line. I thought to myself, "Yes! I have a bite!" But it turned out to be an ankle bracelet with only 50 large real diamonds, it's string just 100 karat gold spun by a princess. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a little rainbow gem that shone in the sun. It wasn't much, but I tied it around my ankle anyway. As I cast my fishing rod I said to myself, "I wish this ankle bracelet was a fish." All of a sudden, I felt something flapping around at my feet. It was a fish!! Had I tied a fish around my ankle??! Then I realized I had just turned my new ankle bracelet into a fish! As I was thinking all this, the fish had squirmed off of my ankle onto the deck, and toward the edge of the water. I looked up from my ankle just in time to hear my precious fish plop into the ocean, never to be seen again. I still can't believe what happened that day. So much for the special powers.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


My friends and I are on a trip through the jungle. As we get deeper deeper into the jungle, it gets darker and darker. All of a sudden we here the sound of battle drums and marching feet. We froze, then slowly, we turn around. No one in sight. Oh well, it must have been just our imaginations. Then, out of the blue we hear a tiny voice, "I'm down here you crazy humans!!" We look down and see an army of ants! They are shouting a war cry and have red paint on their cheeks!! In the blink of an eye they swarm all over us, knock us over are
carrying us

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Aboard!

I am the conductor of the Transylvania Express. About a year ago, I was collecting train tickets when these two weird people came up to me and said, "Ving shoe laa na ha, ow no lee va na. Hee, Hee." In fact I wouldn't even call them people. They had green skin and two little green things coming out of their head. Oh yeah, did I mention they were only two feet tall? I asked them if they wanted anything and they said, "Na." And then it came to me! They were Martians!! So automaticaly I screamed, "Martians!" All of a sudden, the bigger one put his finger to his lips, pointed to my neck and said, "Mwahaha!" Then they put me in their little polka-dotted space ship, which had been blending in with a nearby leopard. What the leopard was doing out of the zoo, I don't know. They set the course for an endless route through the universe. Right now I am writing from a place near Jupiter. I have seen some amazing things out here. Although I don't recommend trying it. Their food is not very sustaining; by the looks of my meals, it would seem their favorite food is potato chips. They have a 18 year supply of them. Signing out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!!
These are a few pictures from our Father's Day celebrations. The top picture is a typical Father's Day activity!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Millionare Mouse

Lily the mouse had just found out that her Aunt Lulu had died and left her 10 million, 5 hundred thousand, 9 hundred, and 53 dollars! Lily was now very famous, wealthy, and above all, very powerful. She was out buying cheese, Colby Jack, American, and Pepper Jack. When she got home, she told her messenger, the pigeon to summon all neighborhood dogs. The pigeon said to the dogs, Lily wants you. Uh-o, you're in trouble!! When they were all assembled around her they began to beg, "Please Lily, O powerful mouse, have mercy on us!" But all Lily said was, "Shhh" O.K., here's the deal, every dog that chases the alley cat will receive $100." The dogs replied in a chorus,"Alright!!", and were off! Within 30 seconds the cat that had once had Lily and her family on the dinner menu raced in and begged the mouse for help. O.K., I'll stop the dogs, but you will have to promise to never again try eat me or any other mouse in the world. And warn your kitty friends too." And from then on, thanks to Lily, dogs, cats, and mice lived peaceful together.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stinky the Skunk

I am a skunk named Stinky and I would make a great pet! I'm house broken, I won't bark when a stranger comes to the door; I don't have stinky breath, and I will protect you with all that I have. Did you know that it is very stuffy in this glass cage on the outside of the pet shop? Pleeeeeaaaase buy me!!!! Don't listen to them! I wouldn't stink up your house, unless I don't get my food on time, if you step on my tail, or if I am trying to protect my toy bunny. You only have to cut my hair twice a day! I'm very young, and have no chance of dying anytime soon. No, I don't smoke, and I love children. In my earlier days I was a nurse. Oh, so you won't buy me? O.K., then asked for it! You won't like what I'm about to do! I'm going to lock you up in my cage and set off stink bombs 24/7!!! Bye, I hope you make the right decision in favor of this small, poor, sincere, honest, and loving homeless pet.

A Retelling of The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf!'

Once there was a shepherd boy. He lived on the outskirts of town and was responsible for 300 sheep. One day he decided to play a trick on the townspeople. He ran into the village screaming,"Help! Come quick! A wolf has got my sheep!" They came running with pitchforks, guns, and large sticks. When the arrived, the sneaky boy laughed uproariously and rolled on the ground. The villagers were disgusted and went back to their work in the fields. Another day, when all was peaceful, the boy played the same prank again. And once again, the townspeople fell for it. The boy laughed uncontrollably and eventually the villagers resumed their duties. Then, on a dreary fall day, a wolf crept into the flock and began killing all the lambs! When the shepherd boy saw this, he ran in great alarm to the village in which he begged," Please help! A wolf is killing all the sheep!" But the people exclaimed," Come on, we aren't that foolish! Do you think that we would fall for your escapades again? No!" Upon hearing this, the boy sank to the floor and began to cry. As a result of his pranks, he lost all of his sheep. This is what comes about when one lies.

Monday, May 17, 2010

War on People

I am a large turkey from North America, and I am going undercover for all species of animals, big and small. You see, we animals have decided to do war on people because they have been polluting our environment and taking our land. I have been chosen to sneak inside the city limits of New York and penetrate the powerful forces of the People. Duck! Here comes a car! Phew, that was a close one. I am now inside the city, and I am sneaking along the main highway. Okay, let's review the plan. So I dramatically throw myself into the main Pizza Hut and cry out pathetically. Then, make a poor attempt to stand, fail, succeed, and then stagger pitifully around the room. The People will then take me to a nearby hospital. After this, I will signal other animal spies to come, repeat the above, and end up in the hospital with me. After we have all of our spies in the city, we will start the war. Did I forget anything? Good, see you around!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bow Wow Chow Dog Food

" I am Muffin, the famous Muff. Have you heard of me? Anyway, it is 9:00 and I have been to write this commercial for the Bow Wow Chow Dog Food Company. Here we go:
Bow wow wow bow wow wow, whuff whuff whuff. Arrr arrr arrr arrrr. Owwwwwwwww!!!!
Thanks folks, please take my advice FOR YOUR SAFETY!!! "

"Sorry folks, it seems that we are clean out of stock! Actually, at approximately 9:05 we had a stampede! Dogs, big and small, rushed out of their houses to the Bow Wow Chow Dog Food Company. One thing is for sure, whatever Muffin said sure convinced them! Have a good day folks!


by A. C. Monster
So I was swimming along just minding my own business when this hard thing came and whacked me on the head! I couldn't believe it! I looked back and can you guess what I saw? A so-called-extinct wide, hollow, floating stick with people in it! You see, I am a sea monster, and we haven't seen one of these since last winter. I guess they hibernate. O.K., it was getting pretty annoying! They were standing on their thingy yelling at the top of their voices, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" They were pretty scared about something. Hey, I didn't do anything! I decide that I would have to give them an extra push to get them on their way. Down the river they went, screaming the whole time. I don't know where they ended up, but one thing is for sure, they never came back.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Green Turtle

Green Turtles are cold blooded reptiles that have no teeth. They have a protective covering called a shell and vary in size. They have long flippers shaped like paddles. They come in different colors, the most common colors are black, brown, and olive green. They have an outer layer of skin and a backbone. They also have tails. Green Turtles have many characteristics that make them very unique.

The Green Turtle lives in a coral reef. Coral reefs are made of tiny creatures no bigger than your pinkie nail. Surprisingly, the coral, also called polyps, was once a living animal. The polyp builds a shelter out of chemicals from the sea. After the coral dies, it leaves behind a little piece of rock. After many years, the little bits of rock build up giant, rocky reefs. Some reefs can be seen from space. Coral reefs are very bright and colorful.

The Green Turtle eats different things throughout it's life. Early in life, the Green Turtles is omnivorous. They eat plants and algae; also small animals and plankton. When they grow older, they become herbivores. When they are young, their main predators are crabs, foxes, lizards, and sea birds. The adults main predators are large sharks and humans.

An interesting fact about the Green Turtle is that for brief times they can swim nearly 20 miles per hour. Turtles are very unique animals.

Ere Break of Day

Ere break of day,
The sky is grey,
And Spring has sprung,
Storms have begun,
And then we pray,
Ere break of day,
That rains would fall
In Nature's hall.

-Caroline Davies Meek

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Should I Tell? By Caroline Meek

Should I tell?
By Caroline Meek
Mrs. White was handing out the fifth-grade girls' report cards. Anna squeezed her eyes shut, waiting, hoping for A's and B's. When she finally got her card she sighed in disappointment. This was Anna's report card:

History C-
Science C+
Math B-
Art A+
Music A-
Spelling D+

After school, on the bus, Anna listened while her best friend told her about her grades.
"All A's and a B!" exclaimed Sarah. Anna congratulated her friend weakly, sadly thinking about her grades, dreading what Sarah would say. "What if she wouldn't want to be friends with a person who got really bad grades?" thought Anna. After deciding not to tell her good friend about her bad grades, Anna got off the bus at her stop and walked slowly home.

That night Anna couldn't sleep. She had a terrible feeling in her stomach. She felt bad about not telling Sarah about her grades.

When she woke up she, she ate breakfast and got ready for school. She still had a bad feeling in her stomach. So she told Mother about her situation and asked her opinion about it.
Mother explained to Anna why she shouldn't keep secrets like that from her best friends.
"Don't be ashamed of your grades," said Mother,"Just work your hardest and maybe next time you'll do better.

So that morning Anna went happily to school and worked very hard. During recess, she apologized to Sarah for being ashamed and not telling about her grades. Sarah forgave her and after hearing Anna's grades, she offered to help her with homework on Fridays after school. "Alright!" said Anna and Sarah in unison.


Sorry I haven't written for a long time. I'm going to try to write more often. Thanks for reading!

Caroline Meek

Monday, January 25, 2010

Plymouth Colony

A group of people called Puritans sailed to New England in 1620.  The Puritans wanted to purify the church the of England from all Catholic religion.  Finally, they came to North America to settle a colony where they could have freedom of religion.  These Pilgrims sailed to America on a single ship called the Mayflower.  After sighting land, they signed the Mayflower Contract to declare that everyone would help in lawmaking  and and then obey the laws.  They named the colony Plymouth Plantation. Their first winter was extremely rough, and many people died.  The Indians helped them though, taught them, and by next fall they had successful crops.  Then they had a feast in celebration with the Indians.  This was the first Thanksgiving.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Squirrels live in every continent except Australia and Antartica. Tree squirrels are common in the United States. During the winter they have shelter in a nest that they have built; most squirrels have a few nests in case one is disturbed or threatened.

These are pictures Annie and I snapped in our backyard. The squirrel on the top of the page has been digging for nuts and has finally found one. In the second picture the squirrel has just invaded the bird bath. Eventually, the birds came back to eat the birdseed we put there. Next fall we are going to collect nuts for the squirrels and put the nuts in a bucket for them. In the
third picture the squirrel was running along the edge of our backyard fence. (We see them do this very often!) In the fourth picture the squirrel was jumping through the air as I snapped a picture of him. You can even see the snow flying up. The squirrel on the bottom is eating a nut that it dug up right outside our window. In the winter squirrels use their thick, furry tails as a blanket and a signal to other squirrels. Squirrels are very interesting and cute animals.

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam was one of the thirteen original colonies that later became known as New York. The Dutch traded some land called Manhattan Island from the Indians. Already, many countries were settling North America, and the Dutch wanted some land to. The Dutch built a town called New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam prospered and became a popular trading spot. But soon the people of New Amsterdam became unruly and untidy, and the governors could not control them anymore. Many governors tried, but the people wouldn't listen. They decided to try once more with Peter Stuyvesant. He made new laws and built more protective walls. But soon the English attacked New Amsterdam and the people had to surrender. The English took over New Amsterdam and renamed it New York. The Dutch no longer had a settlement in North America.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Climates in the Pacific

Most islands in the Pacific lie in the tropics and are warm almost all year round. The average temperature near the equator is 81 degrees fahrenheit and 73 degrees fahrenheit near the tropics. Also, areas where there are mountains and higher islands are a bit cooler. In fact, the tallest mountains in Hawaii, New Zealand, New Guinea have snow on them all year round. Most islands also have a wet and dry season.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today I came downstairs to find a hawk sitting 3 feet away from our front door. After looking closer, I saw that it had a starling under his talons! He was just sitting there, staring into our house. After researching it, I think it was a red-tailed hawk. Red-tailed hawks live in North America and have reddish-brown tails. After a while we scared him way, hoping he would take his messy breakfast with him. Sadly, he didn't. He probably left a very hard worked for meal in our front yard.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Pacific Ocean

There are 5 different oceans. They cover about 72% of the earth's surface. The biggest one is the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is the largest body in the world and covers about 66 million square miles, that is about 1/3 of the earth's surface. There are thousands of islands in the Pacific. These include island nations, such as Japan and New Zealand, and hundreds of scattered islands. These islands include the Solomon islands which lie north-east of Australia, the Hawaii islands, and the Caroline islands, which includes over 930 small islands lying just north of the equator. The Carolines are a part of a island called Micronesia.

The word pacific means peaceful. The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan gave the Pacific this name because of the difference between the rough South American seas and the calm Pacific waters. The average depth is 12,900 ft. The greatest is 35,840 ft, in Challenger Deep.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a great New Year's eve. We went to the Vaughans'  house and stayed there until 12:30, blew horns, then went home and got to bed around 1:00a.m.. How are you going to say 2010, twenty-ten or two thousand ten?  I'm going to use this blog to post stories, articles and other things that I write. I'm really exited. Happy Holidays!

Caroline Meek