Sunday, May 21, 2017

Senior Year Recap!

So it's been a long couple of months, involving few blog posts, much progress with Project Canvas, and the end of the jail that has been high school!  I'm finally finished with classes, and I officially graduate in three days.  Thank goodness for that.

The last four years have been a huge struggle, but even as I'm wrapping it all up, I still realize that many of the hardest things were what taught me the most.  I learned how to deal with stress and a truckload of other unappetizing to get homework done after procrastinating for way too long, balance my schedule (maybe I still need to work on that one...) and prioritize the things I really care about.  In the end, I love the friendships I made, and I'm proud of what I accomplished. I have little regrets, other than often being too stressed to enjoy life in the way I'd like to.  Some of the highlights from this year?


 - Publishing Alone, I Sonder with the YWKC club!  300 pages, our biggest anthology yet. :)
 - Being accepted to the University of Iowa and receiving their Presidential Scholarship.  I can't wait to go this fall.  I'll be studying Creative Writing.
 - Being voted Most Valuable Member of my beloved choir.
 - Surviving the abominable IB program and all the exams it entails.
 - The Sister Act musical I did with our theatre program!
 - Being a part of the Louder Than a Bomb team we started this year
 - ^ Can't follow that with anything, thus here ends the highlights.


I made a lot of progress on my current WIP, Blue Black, and sporadically wrote poetry.  In essence, this year was full of the arts, and I liked it that way. I narrowed down my interests, while at the same time branching out into the arts and growing more confidence both on the stage and in myself.

However, I was also metaphorically drowned by school work and stress, so it's going to take a while for my creativity to recover enough to start seriously writing again.  But even in that past few days of being FREE, I feel incredibly better.  I've been working out every morning, for the first time in months, and feeling a lot more positive.  This summer is already wonderful.


It was a whole lot of "lasts", in the past few weeks.  Last choir concert, writing club meeting, theatre banquet, LTAB event.  The last time I'll walk into my teachers' rooms as their student.  But definitely not the last time I'll find amazing people to love and do awesome stuff with, and not the last time I'll learn amazing things and grow so much.  Not the last time that I'll be able to impact people, and be impacted right back.

Beginning of senior year VS. end of senior year:

Hopefully I'll be around the blogging world a lot more now, so I look forward to talking with you all!

Caroline :)

PS  (No little hearts cause Blogger yells at me every time I try and make a keyboard heart. -.- But I promise I love you all.)

Update - I found the little hearts, thanks Olivia Fisher xD

🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💖💘💙💚💜💛💝❣❤♡  MWAHAHA SO MUCH LOVE.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dear World, Your Words...

Your words are not your history
Dear world
You are not writing your own story
Do not spend time looking for the typos in your letters
Or wondering if what you have to say is worth
the breath it takes to shout it across the void
Shout it anyway
Dear world
You are not a mirror
You are not in charge of reflecting reality exactly as you see it
Metaphors, you see, are beautiful, warped versions of your sunsets
They are flawed renderings of what we find buried under the ocean
When we dream
Dear world
When you dream,
Do not stop to think about where your wings might take you
You are not at risk of falling
You are not at risk of failing
Dear world
Please believe me when I say that
You are beautiful without your success
Your galaxies were never dependent on the creative air washed from your lungs
Or yesteryears gathered from amoung your weary stars
You will not be determined by the series of tomorrow's that awaits you
Dear world
Your words are not your history
You will not be remembered by the lost battles between your pages
You are not writing your own story
You are living it
Dear world
Your breath - your sacred respiration of symphony and color - has set the planets into motion
Your universe is spinning and doubt cannot govern your sunrise
Do not spend time looking for the typos in your letters
Or wondering if what you have to say is worth
the breath it takes to shout it across the void
Shout it anyway
Dear world
Your words are beautiful.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Inspiration Sought Me Out

You are given words because you've been searching for an answer for so long,
and the only way you're ever going to listen is if God places the words
in your heart and lets you write them out yourself.

You are given words because the person sitting next to you has been drowning
for the last few days and your words are the only thing that can
speak life into their hurting heart.

You are given words because the inspiration has settled in
to your neighborhood, sought you out, and perched on your
front door step until you grant it wings by acknowledging its existence.

You are given words because you asked
how you could change the world.

You are given words because you have everything to say
but nothing with which to make the thoughts come true
other than your black ink on the paper.

You are given words because somebody in the heavens
wanted you to give a second life to
every beautiful thing that He breathed beauty into.

You are given words so you could let them stir
in your mind for ages, just hanging in the air,
and soak in the eternity of possibilities written there.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Dear friend.....

You have a message to share with this world.  Whether it's some much-needed inspiration, or technical advice for writing the perfect villain, or the fluffiest ship ever, you know something about this process we call writing.

It doesn't matter if you've been writing for 8 days or 8 years - wherever you are in life, you've had experiences that qualify you to speak. To write.

Aaaaaaand without further ado, it's time to announce a huge new project - *WILD DRUMROLL*

Project Canvas is something I've been brainstorming for months now, and it's finally ready to be pushed out into the world.  Right now I'm sitting in a coffeeshop, surrounded by people who are probably wondering why I'm smiling and practically rocking back and forth with excitement.  I don't think the large coffee helped either....

This is an international, collaborative writing project that will result in a book of writing inspiration and advice for fellow writers.  Everyone has an expertise in writing, and this is an opportunity for you to share yours with the world!


The process is simple.  Check out the website, choose from one of, like, 100 different topics (or make your own), and contact me to reserve it!  Each article should be about 200-2000 words long. Our timeline is pretty flexible and long term, so we'll be accepting articles/mini-chapters until summer of this year, around May/June 2017.  The tentative release date for the book is January 2018.

My favorite thing about this project is the fact that it's going to involve so many people from so many places.  The blogging/writing community is so extensive and reaches all around the world, so this book is going to include beautiful and incredibly helpful writing advice from people you've maybe known for years - like Hannah White, Katie Erickson, Olivia Rogers, Carlyn Ross, and Kristana Aleman - as well as amazing people you've never met before!  A conglomeration of knowledge and passion from some of your favorite people, about your favorite topic - writing!

It's also a great way to be exposed to a greater network of people, as Project Canvas will be promoted nationally and internationally on people's blogs and social media.  There will be opportunities to participate in a blog tour and get your name out there.  Let me know if you're interested in being involved beyond just writing an article - such as helping with promotion, editing, etc.

Link to our website:  Also, Hannah's post about #PC: "Embrace Your Differences".

Also, spread the word by telling all your writerly penguin frens to join us in our mission to inspire the writing community!  Post about this on your beautiful blogs and share /all the things/ on social media.  Feel free to use all the graphics in this post. :)

I can't wait to hear what you all think, and to get this project off the ground!  It's been a dream for so long.  Now, I just have to push it out of the window and hope to goodness that the parachute opens and we start flying.

~Caroline Meek

What message do you have for the world?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hidden Figures (the movie) // poetry

The best things in life always inspire me to write poetry. 

I came out of that movie with words practically dangling from my fingers. 

I've always been told I can do whatever I can dream up, and for the most part, I haven't needed much convincing. 

But maybe I need to do some more dreaming, because lately, I've felt the boxes closing in on me. 

I can do whatever I dream, but what can I do if I'm not dreaming? If I refuse to even shut my eyes for a moment, imagine the universe?

I want to dream. 

I want to hang my hopes on the stars and believe I can actually follow them up there someday. 

I want to love freely - to wear my heart on my sleeve - no, to wear it as my entire coat. Warm and enveloping everyone around me, without the fear that it isn't my jacket to wear. Without letting myself freeze or worrying that someone will take it away. I want to love myself. I want to love, to ignore the faces my mirror makes at me when I try to stand up, and unwind the clock until time does not exist. 

I want to find the hidden figures in the sky, those beautiful wandering souls with stories that have been swept under the carpet when they really deserve to be named as constellations and set into orbit. I want to hear their words, because they are a part of who I am, too. 

I want to keep discovering this language, the bridge between my heart and the world, until the words bend in my hands like metal heated right up to to the verge of its melting point. I want them to come out like birds flocking to a telephone pole - electric, feathers flying, a strong clear message. 

I say I'm a dreamer. I stand in front of the mirror everyday and tell myself I am alive and thus have great giant wings that span the width of all my problems.

I still forget to jump, though. I seem to be forever caught in the hypothetical confidence that I've gotten so good at. I believe in the possibilities. And then I never ask myself to try one of them out. 

When I walked out of that movie theatre, I had a rare moment of belief beyond my mundane dreaming. 

I believed that I could truly be anything I wanted to be. I believed that I was who I wanted to be.

Do you believe in yourself?  What do you dream of?  Have you seen Hidden Figures yet?  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year's! (And Blog Anniversary!) (Definitely a week late oops)

Do you know that awkward feeling when you're supposed to write something and it should be super easy because hey, you're a writer!, but there's extra pressure because you want to make it special (what, it's not like it's the last day of the whole year or anything) - so you spend the whole next year trying to think of how to start it?  

*goes on Twitter 'cause procrastination*

Ooh look, that's conveniently something I wanted to talk about.  Thanks, Twitter.  

I've recently realized that I spend a dramatic amount of time working toward a goal, and a inconsequential period after celebrating the moment when I reach it.  We work so hard towards the things, so especially now, when we're making resolutions with determination...let's celebrate the old year as well.  Don't forget how far you've come.  Sure, there will always be things to keep improving on, but dear friends, you've already come so far.  Stop and smell the blooming flowers you've already planted.

A few of my highlights from this year!

  • My book with Skyler Barnes, The Drawing in of Breath, was published in February!  This is so far my most favorite and personal piece of work.
  • A few months later, my high school writing club finished up our anthology, Silver Lining, and we published that as well!
  • I discovered Hamilton and well, umm, that should have been at the top of this list. xD
  • I began to learn the value of struggling and saw positive results rise out of pain.  Many of these problems now, instead of seeming completely invasive and totally controlling, have been reduced to 'just another mountain to climb', which is a much nicer way of thinking about them.
  • I got accepted into some colleges, and offered some scholarships!
My top posts were The 11 Stages of Writing a Poem, Carrie Fisher, and Potential is Not A Number

I wrote 33 posts, which is this blog's record!  xD  I am quite a spontaneous little blogger, haha.

Also, it is worth noting that this marks the SEVEN-year anniversary of my blog!  I remember very vividly that New Year's Eve, 2010, my dad took my upstairs to the computer and helped me make my first blog.  (Let it be noted that after that point and over the next few years, I became rather blog-happy and now have fourteen random blogs of varying privacies, most of which have never really been used.)  First post was titled HAPPY NEW YEAR, in which I told the whole world I would be posting "stories, articles and other things that I write", and started a debate about whether to say "twenty-ten" or "two thousand and ten". I was an excitable little one.  So, happy anniversary!  I'd have a giveaway, but, umm, I don't really have anything of worth to give away at the moment.  *clutches and strokes precious books*

* * *

Anyway...on to 2017!  (Forgive me if this posts grows longer than the list of things you're procrastinating doing right now.)

Last year (yeah, jk, I'm not ready to leave 2016 yet.) I choose a word for the year.  It was love. Looking back, I can see how that word has been a theme, in quite a few different ways.  I met a lot of new friends. I went deeper into old friendships.  I learned to love myself more.  I began to discover my passion for loving strangers and writing for them. This year, I have a sentence instead of a word (cause I'm a rebel and writer and word count minimums are hard for us).

I saw this quote in a store window a few weeks ago, and it really stuck with me.  This year, I want to really, fully live.  I don't want to get stuck in the past or the future, worrying about things.  Instead, I want to recognize that I'm alive and act like it.  Appreciate every color and movement and song lyric.  For too long, I've gone through my days like a machine, trying to get the day over with, until I realized that I'm not really living.  This year, I hope to become both more enthusiastic and aware of the life that I have.

My New Year's Resolution!

I'm going to write at least one (creative) sentence every day.  Obviously, this doesn't seem like very much, but lately, I haven't even been doing that much.  A long time ago, I successfully completed a resolution to write 20 minutes a day.  I ended up doing it for 500 days straight and learned so much, but eventually the pressure of sitting down for a whole 20 minutes made it too much of a chore to be beneficial anymore.  

My logic is that writing one sentence will pose little threat to my time, and after doing it for a few weeks now with two of my besties (we started mid-December), I've found that if I write one sentence, more follow.  It's that first sentence that's the hardest, but if you can find a way to get yourself to do that, you can keep going.  The sentences multiple like little bunnies. So adorable.  

Also, since I'm putting so little pressure on myself, everything that I write beyond that one sentence is technically bonus, and it feels pretty good.  Attainable goals are the best.  After doing this for a while, I am finally starting to feel like a 'writer' again.  It's been a while that I've been able to have the discipline of writing at least a little each day, and it is wonderful.  I'd definitely recommend this to anyone, especially if you need a boost of motivation, or a way to get into the habit of writing daily.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?  Are you living fully right now?  What did you accomplish last year?  :)  Let me know in the comments!

Friday, December 30, 2016

The Cycle of Habits

I've been thinking about habits a lot recently.  Habits I've slipped into, habits I need to change, this vicious cycle that often keeps me at a low point.  There seems to be a cycle within these habits.  You kinda slip into them without realizing it, and they just become more and more a part of your life until you realize that they aren't habits you should have.  Negative thoughts, too much junk food, sleep deprivation...

In this time of year, when many things are changing, you might be thinking about the past - your younger (maybe better) self, all those memories of how things used to be.  Maybe you're glad they're gone, or maybe you want them back.  We realize quite suddenly that we're not quite where we want to be.  We realize we want to change, and right now, with so many beginnings and endings, seems like a great time to try it.

So we make a plan and try to change everything.  A revolution.  A complete 360. A flurry of promises thicker than the snowflakes (unless you're in Kansas with me, then there's a 50% chance it's actually sunny 63 degrees out.).  Resolutions that may be better suited to all our lives instead of this upcoming year alone...

I want to tell you - you don't have to change it all at once.  When you get to that moment of realization, everything becomes clear and you want to instantly fix it all.  But we don't always have the strength to make all of those life changes at once - remember, those habits are habits because they've built up consistently over time.  You may be super motivated at first, but if you spend all that energy right away, spread out over a bunch of new things, you'll likely run out of resolve before any new habits are really formed.

I read a book recently, "Like Water for Chocolate", that gave a good metaphor for this.  The idea was that we all have matches inside of us, matches that can be lit by various things.  However, it said that if we light them all at once, the fire will be too intense for us to handle.  So this week, when you're thinking about resolutions and changes in your life, don't try to change it all at once.  Significant change takes significant dedication and time.

It's okay to take baby steps.  You don't have to fix it all immediately.  Take it easy, or you might burn out too fast.  Find something (especially something that might affecting everything else), and attack it first.

For me, this has been sleep.  There are a lot of bad habits I'm trying to change right now, but I've realized that being so tired is making all the other things worse.

So, don't put too much pressure on yourself.  :)  Make those resolutions, and let them build on themselves throughout the year.  Make them manageable goals that don't overwhelm you on the first day.

How are you thinking of this new year?  What are some habits you're trying to change?  :)  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher
(tribute inspired by this amazing actress)

Who do we ask permission to follow our dreams?
Is there someone in charge of the stars that light our galaxies?
No, that fire is inside of us.
It's waiting for us to realize its shy, welcoming existence.
Waiting for the day we accept our own ability and dare to ignite.
That is the day where we stop letting the world drown us in its shallow water
and start swimming out to sea.
In the end, then, it becomes a quest for oneself.  
What is your purpose in life?  
What have you lost in the depths of your own identity, and when will you find it again?
It is waiting for you to find it.
But you will not find the answer in the empty words of these seven continents.
The world will tell you it isn't safe to ride a shooting star into the deep space of your heart
and let it envelop you.
They tell you not to let the ocean sweep you away -
But they forget to mention that they're drowning you too.
Compared to the fear this world tries to instill within you, your oceans are tame.
But at the same time, your waters are the most deep, fierce bodies you could ever drown in.
I think that, in this life, we get to choose what drowns us.
Maybe you don't yet know how to swim,
but stepping out into the waters you've always longed for?
It's not as deadly as the world would like you to think.  
The real danger is on the shore, where you risk drowning
in fear
in regret
that you never washed your soul in courage and discovered that you might just float out there.
The real danger is forfeiting your chance to choose
and defaulting to a mindless life.
What good is a head above water  
if underneath the waves, that head isn't connected to anything?
The real danger is letting them convince you that water isn't supposed to be wet.
They will tell you that
you're supposed to go through life's oceans without ever falling and getting drenched.
This goes beyond fantasy - even science says your feet will get wet.
Let the waves carry you to freedom
Set your eyes on the burning horizon and let the future give you a new hope
for the dreams you've carried so long.
You yourself are the stars and when you realize this,
your sky will be brighter than ever before
and not even the shifting tides can change that.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sonder, A Word For My Heart

Sonder, my favorite word.

I stare at the faces of the people walking past, the people sitting next to me, the people smiling at me....

And I sonder.

They say that this feeling is a realization, but it is more than that.  I do not merely see the people around me.

I feel what they feel.  I understand their fears and hopes.  I recognize their humanity when they glance up at me for a moment, then quickly look back down.  I hear myself when they tell me their stories. The strangers in the streets may be strangers, but they are not so strange to me.

I sonder, wondering if anyone sees me - really sees me.  Am I as transparent as all these wandering faces?

I cry their tears for them, pick up the dreams they leave on the sidewalk behind them and try to find wings that fit.  I wish I could shield their souls from life's thunderstorm, I wish I could dry their tears a breathe silence into their heads.

To sonder is to place yourself in their shoes and walk their path with them.  I wish I could do it for them.  I wish I could do more than merely walk beside them.  I would trade places if I could.

No, to sonder is not merely to realize that there are other people out there in the world.  To sonder is to love those people so deeply that you feel they are all pieces of your heart.

~ cdm

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Potential is Not A Number

My friends, there are different kinds of potential, and you must not confine yourself to one alone.

Most people are driven by parents, teachers, and society in general to the potential that looks wonderful on paper.

"I'm ranked #3 in my class right now."
"I have a 4.26 GPA."
"If I keep this up, I can hopefully get into Stanford!"

This kind of potential is great, right?  Usually associated with "genius, top student and 'going places'", this is the potential that you're either proud of (if you are that person), or spend a lot of time wishing for.

We are constantly pushed to reach this potential.

"If you can do it, why don't you?"
"Look at all she's done.  She's gonna accomplish so much."

This kind of potential is basing everything on this society-determined formula for an American Dream-type success.  Stats, performance, exceeding the 'average person'.  The goals, whether or not professed?  Usually something along the lines of:

In highschool:
Good grades, so good college

In college:
Good grades, successful major, so good job

Good job, so money and security, family

From an early age, people with this kind of potential are identified.  Along each step of their life, they are pushed to keep reaching high levels of success.  They are told to constantly challenge themselves.

"You had straight A's all through kindergarten!  You're gonna do great in 1st grade."
"You've qualified for the Gifted Program, we want to prepare you for a higher level of achieving."
"Don't take that class, it's too easy for you.  Drop the fluff classes and take all honors, challenge yourself. You can always do art as a hobby at home."
"You can totally handle all honors classes - you're wasting your potential if you don't take them!"

It's awesome if you have these qualities.  Good grades, challenging classes and financial security in the future are all awesome, amazing things.  Don't stop trying hard, doing your best.

But if all we do is constantly challenge ourselves for a future that is always two steps ahead of ourselves, what are we really doing?  Often the education system seems to be a petri dish of competition. Competition against ourselves, each other, and society.

Friends, there are multiple kinds of potential.

What we started telling children that they have the potential to change the world with their smiles?
What if we told them that their kindness is the most precious asset they have, not that 32 on the ACT?
What if society recognized that a good grade card isn't always a good reflection of individual growth?

Because isn't that what a challenge is for?  To grow someone in some way?

And it should be clear that there are far more ways to do that than taking the hardest classes possible from kindergarten through college.  Imagine.  Someone could be challenged by talking to someone from a vastly different background than them.  They could be changed by seeing a work of art that finally acknowledges something they always felt alone in feeling.  You can find a challenge in a blade of grass.

And yet here we are, too often attributing the highest worth to a series of letters on a paper denoting that a student has successfully completed the requirements for a course deemed 'challenging'.  

I have a personal story to complement my point.  I have been told many of the things quoted above throughout my life - either by friends, teachers, parents, or even my own brain.  (My own brain has actually adopted this 'academic potential' motto and constantly reminds me).  But as I've had to start trying to decide on a college to attend, I've had to redefine potential in my mind, and realize the infinite possibilities for different kinds of challenges.

I went to a very challenging high school.  I took the hardest classes available, and pushed myself to get A's in all of them, 4 years straight.  Senior year, and I'm finishing of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.  My GPA is 4.26 and my class rank is #3.  32 ACT.  These are great things, and I'm proud of them.  However.

However.  I believe I lost sight of some more important things along the way.  One of my main justifications for choosing the classes I did was because I knew I could succeed in them.  My mindset was, "I can feasibly do well in college calculus.  I'd be lazy if I didn't enroll in it."  And so I went through high school this way.

This year, as I've made the choice to focus on my passion (writing, art, theatre) in college rather than a more financially-secure career path, I've questioned some of my past decisions.  Those challenging classes, while certainly beneficial, forced me to stop almost all writing and art.  I have rarely had time to do any of the things I love and wish to pursue the rest of my life.  I have been so stressed and tired that I've neglected my family and God.  So while I have perfect grades, I've sacrificed a lot.

When I choose a college, I don't think I want to do the same thing all over again.  The hard thing is that I know I could continue with this path and go on to the next level.  Every time I consider a more casual, less-prestigious college, my brain kicks in and says, "Caroline, no.  You'd be wasting all that potential!"  I feel bad choosing something less "prestigious", when I've already reached that level.  Lazy, my brain says.

But honestly, I'd only be choosing a different potential to pursue. And also, it's not wasted!  I still have everything I've learned from that path in my life. Now, I want to cater to my potential as an artist and writer, rather than an Ivy-League top student, because the latter has never been my passion or goal in life.

I've come to the realization that there are multiple kinds of potential.

Challenging yourself by going deep into art and growing as an artist is no less worthy a challenge than all honors classes.  There's so much potential there.

Dedicating 20 hours a week to working on your novel is a huge challenge with so much potential to grow in thought and creativity and technique.

You, my friend, have the potential to be a dreamer.

You have the potential to be someone who changes someone's life with a few words.  Or many words.

You have the potential to be so happy and peaceful.

You have the potential to make amazing friendships.

Potential is not about reaching the highest number on a scale.  No.  The most important things cannot be measured in numbers.  

Perhaps, potential is about fulfilling who you were meant to be.  For some people, that is the academically-driven person whose dream is to go to Harvard and be the top in their class.  But some, they are artists whose dream is to sit for hours alone in a tree dreaming up their next magnificent work.

These people should not have to be judged by the same standard for success.  These potentials, these purposes, are beautiful in their own way.  We should be allowed to pursue them with the same passion, without shame.  Without feeling we are slacking for not holding class rank on a pedestal above our heads and hearts.

These people should not be told find a 'real job, or you won't succeed in your life'.  Artists shouldn't feel guilty for spending time on and prioritizing their art.  Success, my friends, depends entirely on what you're chasing after.

I am not saying we should totally ignore one form of success, because academics are important.  Stay in school, kids.

But Albert Einstein once said, "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

The fulfillment of your potential is not determined by a universal standard set by society.  You are much more than a number.  

~ CM

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The 12 Stages of Writing a Poem

The 11 Stages of Writing A Poem
(best done after midnight)

1. I'm never going to write a poem again, I've exhausted all sources of inspiration.  *cries*  #thereisnohope  #preparethefuneralpyre

2. *takes a shower*  *seven seconds later* OH MY GOSH IS THAT INSPIRATION CALLING?  Wat wat wat is this I haven't had an idea in years HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND oh no quick gotta write this down before it leaves BUT WAIT WHY PINEAPPLES?  Are they even relevant ACK NEVERMIND DON'T QUESTION THE INSPIRATION oh my gosh why did I choose to shower at this ungodly hour where's a towel *writes 7 complete stanzas and spends next 5 minutes frantically repeating them to not forget *RUNS TO COMPUTER*  *yells at wifi for not immediately working*  *opens a doc* it's 2am? who cares?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  FOLKS WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS #theinspirationalqualitiesofrunningwater  #dontcomplainitsinspiration  #sacrficeeverythingforinspiration

3. Ummm - wat is "Title"?  #confused #nevermindinspiration

Also speaking of titles I just really kinda want to find this book and read it???

should have subtitle: "A Writer's Search History".

4.  forget the title ON TO THE FUN STUFF oh my oh my it's coming so quickly MUST GET IT ALL DOWN  *forgets brilliant line from shower musings and cries*  *still remembers like four stanzas*  #racinginspiration  #brainisweird

(I'm the cow, chasing inspiration)  #beinspiredlittlecow

5.  At this point we're stopping after every two words written and reading, starting from the top, everything we've written so far in a dramatic voice with emotional gestures  #soundsgoodsoundsgood  #spokenword

6.  THIS IS. THE MOST BRILLIANT. THING. ever.  *reads it all again* *gives self chills*  hmmmm I should make those business cards after, this is gonna be BIG.  THIS IS MY BEST WORK EVER.  #icanseetheheadlines  #amazing

7. just past the half way point MAY DAY MAY DAY this is sounding forced oh no the inspiration is fading away WAIT WHAT IS THIS POEM ABOUT - PINEAPPLES??!?  you call yourself a writer?  what ever are words?  *goes to facebook to complain and tell the world how she's going to have to use pinterest to get inspiration again*  *goes to pinterest to get inspiration* each word takes an hour and a century  #justkeepswimming  #distractions

8.  rhythm is back, reality still present though, can't tell if genius or "totally lacking theme/style/rhyme/meter/meaning/emotion/words/purpose".

9.  oH MY GOODNESS HOW DO YOU END A POEM  #howdoyoulandaplane  #famouslastwords

10.  #untitledisavalidtitle  #itstrue

11.  DONE.  *sighs in contentment/relief/pride/nervousness*  *READS FROM THE TOP AGAIN*  very proud, quite realistic now, but hopeful.  *must find someone to show but scared  #whatifitstoobad  #whatifitstoogood

12.  INSPIRATION STILL REIGNS.  An hour or two later:  *uses leftover inspiration steam to write  a great blog post about the experience/writing/something random like squirrels*  #musefinallysatisfied  #iwillneverbesatisfied


..............This is basically how writing poems goes for me every time.  I don't usually ask for them, they just come.  Usually late at night, and usually when I'm in the middle of something.  It's a wild ride.

What about you?  How does inspiration sweep your off your feet, and what does your process look like?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Announcement: Writing Workshop!

Exciting writing-related news...

I'm super excited to announce that I will be teaching a writing workshop, starting this Wednesday!  This will take place at the Main Branch of the KCK Library, at 2pm, and is open to all teens.  While excited and totally honored, I'm also nervous!  I've had experience leading a group from the high school writing club I started a few years ago, but this feels like a new step up.

My goal is to bring teen writers in our community together, share our work and help each other improve.  Many people think of writing as a solitary mission, but in all honesty, community is so good for writing.  It's inspiring and encouraging to be around people who share the same passions as you, and to be hearing new material - you learn so much from other writers.

At the workshop, we will do a variety of things, including reading and workshopping our work, talking about specific writing techniques, and spending time actually writing ('cause you know, most of the time we spend "writing" is probably actually something closer to Pinterest and Netflix).

*my brain brainstorming for this thing*
First topic: writing with emotion.

If you live in the Kansas City area, I hope you'll join us!  I'm super excited to meet new writer friends. :)

- Caroline Meek

Do you go to a writing group?  If so, what kind of things do you do? (Help me, I need inspiration-food for this big new thing)  What's the biggest step/risk you've taken in your writing journey?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Guest Post: Cait Potter, on Her Journey as An Artist

Hey! I’m Cait and I’m guest posting on Caroline’s blog! I’m gonna talk about art and writing and what those things mean to me.  I think it would be important to start with why I became an artist and what art means to me because my experiences have definitely shaped me into the artist I am today.

filename-1 (61).jpg

(CW: self harm)

At the start of last year, about a week before my birthday, I tried to kill myself and I did nearly die. I had a lot of other awful things going on in my life at the time and spending five days in the hospital connected to an IV and heart monitor, being watched 24/7 while I vomited my stomach lining made me feel helpless. It took away any agency I had over my body. One of the AINs assigned to watch me would give me magazines and I would spend hours tracing and drawing the faces of the models in them.  It was then it really clicked for me. I was already a writer and I was also playing around with music but at that moment art really did it for me.  It gave me back some power.  

Since then, art has become my coping method, it’s been my way of dealing with my mental health. Whether I’m hallucinating or if i’m manic or having flashbacks, drawing (and more recently painting) has been something that I can fall back on, in the very least it was a good distraction.

I think this is really important to me, just that experience of drawing and the process of creating a piece of art as a way of coping has helped me get over any comparisons I might make between my art work and others or working through an art block. If I have a pen, if i can use my hands, i know things will be alright.

I think that’s why I could never say that art is just my hobby, it’s more than that, it’s my life, it kept me alive. I’m incredibly serious about it and it’s why I practice as much as I can.

(A painting I’ve recently created for class)

The past year I’ve been studying a diploma of visual art. It’s stressful, having to create for a deadline and a set criteria but I feel more capable in my field than I did last year. I’ve even noticed a huge improvement in my writing. I’ve learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t have the motivation or energy to teach myself last year, I’ve had the opportunity to explore different mediums and to meet other creative people.

People say you don’t have to go to art school and you don’t! It’s not a requirement but for me it’s sped up that process of learning and it’s opened so many opportunities I wouldn’t of had before. I’ve had access to more expensive equipment and mediums, I’ve had professional critique, I’ve had a lot of encouragement from my teachers, hell! It got me out of my house!

I feel as if I’ve become a lot more focused in my art and writing because of it, instead of focusing on 200 odd different ideas, I can connect, expand and create for a few. Producing more concise series of work.  Something which I carried over into my writing, I’ve been focusing on only one of my novels this year instead of three or four.  

Art and writing go hand in hand for me. One is always influenced by the other, whether I’m illustrating a poem or excerpt I’ve written or I’m writing to something I’ve created visually.  I’ve been wanting to write a book like that actually, to add illustrations wherever I please because it would suit the feel of my stories.  

filename-1 (10).jpgfilename-1 (3).jpg

Medium wise I love drawing. I will draw and experiment with anything I can get my hands on.  Painting has become an extension of that this year. I never used to like painting before uni, I think I can definitely pin that down as being because I have an amazing, encouraging teacher for that subject. I’ve become really concerned about my process (not in a bad way!) I’ve been focusing on using the energy and passion I bring to my art to improve and to produce as much as I can while concentrating on the way I use colour and the marks that I use in my drawing and painting.
filename-1 (77).jpg
I’ve been asked about my journals and honestly I think the reason I do it is the same as above, to cope. It helps me organise my thoughts, give them somewhere to go that isn’t just another corner of my brain. I’ve also been asked how I fill mine so quickly and I think, as with everything creativity related, it just took practice. It’s a habit I’ve picked up over the years. I never had that fear of a blank page, all I see is a space that I can fill and make mine. It’s just another space that I can create in and that’s great, even if what I create should be mopped up and thrown out the window.  

I have a lot to say and if I don’t get the chance to say it somewhere it just gets bottled up. And that’s not cool for my mental health.  Better to express everything last thing. And I don’t have to share it with anyone! (except that one guy who stole my notebook -_-)  

tumblr_o8so0hBbIO1ujzu5to1_1280 (1).jpg

Outside of school, I am working on a zine called Trigger warning! It’s a combination of my art and writing that describes the messiness of mental health and trauma in a very non-linear, sometimes intense way! That’s just been printed and I’m going to be releasing it at the exhibit I will be featuring in at the end of the year!

I am also working on my novel Cassowary, something I will hope to complete during Nanowrimo!


I’m rambling on but the advice I’d give to other artists (I’m still young and new at this myself!) use reference! It’s not cheating, in fact a lot of great artists use it and it will help you improve in your practice!

Share your art and support other artists! Your work is important at every stage, the work you have created is just as important as the work you’re creating now and the work you will create. Remember that even if your work doesn’t get many views it’s still important! The worth of your art and your writing isn’t determined by how many people see and like it.

Experiment and have fun,  try new mediums, learn from everything, art shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something good you can come back to after a long day.  

Thanks for stickin' round this long ha! You can catch me and my art endeavours on my instagram!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

linger / / fall artist

most days, artists just want to dip their hands in the paint and never wash it off

it's a kind of therapy, almost

not almost

it's seriously deep therapy

swirling the colors around on your skin until they sink in and color your soul again

everyone needs something that makes them feel alive

there's something about the paint dried on your fingers, stuck to your fingernails, that's just...celestial

i like to imagine that when God created the world, He never washed His hands of the paint that formed our outlines, He loved us so much

that the paint from our souls still lingers on His beautiful hands, and that every day, He looks down and smiles at them

just as i do.