Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Paraphrase: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

"'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

On the eve of Christmas,
when all lay in waiting,
the house was in silence,
the world was sleeping.

When children were dreaming
of presents and candy,
I lay there just thinking,
trying to get sleepy.

But before I could conquer
the battle of sleep,
a loud crash was sounded,
and up I did leap!

To my wonder there came
a sleigh and it’s carriers,
driven by one who
just couldn’t be merrier.

On the roof he did park,
and soon he emerged,
from the chimney in ash,
on his back a sack perched.

His face was aglow
with a smile and his belly
shook when he laughed
like a bowlful of jelly.

Then quickly he turned
to the fireplace there,
and emptied his load
into all the kids’ stockings.

Then winking at me
he went back up the chimney,
and as he flew away
he shouted out cheerfully,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sea of Snow (updated)

The Sea of Snow          
Sparkling crystals,
A glassy show.
Icicles dripping,
Into a sea of snow.

An ocean of white,
A gale of wind,
A sea of crystals,
Outside and within.

A mini blizzard,
For miles around,
Flurries and snowflakes,
Covering the ground.

Icy blasts,
A storm of white.
Snow so cold,
In the cover of night.

Now it is calm,
The sea of snow,
A silent wonderland,
With a crystal glow.

With shimmering ice,
The trees are coated,
Joy to the world,
Sings a robin, red-throated.

The waves are still,
The sky is blue,
On snow so bright,
The sun shines true.

I am afraid,
I must confess,
I could go blind,
In this dazzling mess.
So from the window
I will go,
Leaving behind a sparkling,
Shimmering, icy,
Sea of snow.

          by Caroline Meek  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Brain

Hello Friends, this is a review I did of four different articles. At the end you can find links to each article. Enjoy!

  “Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.”
~Charles M. Schwab
Caroline Meek

  Everyone has a different character and personality type, and, much like the way each flower has a different look and scent, no person is exactly alike.  What is the cause for such a diverse world?  A flower is suited to its environment; after all, you would not find a sunflower in the middle of the Gobi Desert, or a palm tree growing naturally  in the heart of downtown Kansas City.  People are also affected by their environment and surroundings.  Many things determine their makeup and disposition, such as their childhood, job situation, or social life.  But there are also biological factors in a human’s personal qualities.  

  The cerebrum is the center of thought and it plays a significant role in determining personality.  It occupies a large percent of the brain’s space, lying on top of the brainstem and surrounding other parts of the brain.  Also referred to as the cerebral cortex, the cerebrum is folded into many ridges and grooves, called gryi and sulci, which allows it to expand without having a greater volume.  Axons, long slender projections of nerve cells, make up the nervous system.  A bundle of them is called a nerve. These axons make up the white matter of the brain.  Gray matter, the cell bodies of neurons,  also affect the cerebrum.  Very complex, the cerebrum is considered the most developed part of the brain.    

  A large gap divides the cerebrum, creating the right and left hemispheres.  This split is from the front of the cerebrum to the back, and both halves are almost identical, but for a few variations.  Each hemisphere also specializes in different functions, although some characteristics are controlled equally by both sides.  
One area in which significant hemispheric domination is noted is language.  Both of the major areas that affect language skills, Broca's area and Wernicke's area, are in the left hemisphere. Also, when information is received from one side, it is sent to the opposite hemisphere, so both sides participate in the processing.  In the same way, commands sent out to the body are sent to one side from the opposite hemisphere.  For this reason, hand preference is also connected to hemisphere lateralization.  Keep in mind though, that many people’s hemispheric dominance is the same as their hand preference, this is not always the case.   Another difference is that in the right hemisphere, longer axons (white matter) can be found, whereas on the left side, more cell bodies (grey matter) are located.  

 Even though the left side side of the cerebrum is typically considered ‘logical’, and the right,‘creative’, both hemispheres tend to have some of these characteristics, contrary to the popular belief.  Some people are seen as ‘left-brained’, which generally implies that they prefer to think logically and are objective, often analyzing things.  Left-brained subjects also tend to be good at different aspects of language, such as grammar, critical thinking and reasoning.   People can also be perceived as ‘right-brained’, which typically includes a creative, thoughtful person who is more subjective in their decisions.  This side is also deemed good at music, intuition, and expressing emotion.  Although these generalizations are often made, bear in mind that many abilities are controlled by both hemispheres, such as math, which is strongest when both sides work together.

 Hemispheral domination can be seen strongly in people, it characterizes them, and knowing your dominance can be useful in understanding your strengths and weaknesses.  Also, even though a person may be considered left-brained, this does not necessarily mean that they are not capable of being creative, they are not doomed to only logic and language for the rest of their lives.  Being left or right brain dominant simply means that that side of the brain is more developed, a person can still exercise their less dominant side and strengthen it.  

  I am always amazed by the complexity of the human brain, and cannot even begin to comprehend the depth of every function.  I thought these articles contained a lot of information and addressed the topics I was seeking.  I hope you enjoyed learning about this special and absolutely necessary component of the brain - the cerebrum!  It is an irreplaceable factor in our personalities.   Indeed, the human brain is as unique as a flower.



Also, to see if you are right or left brained, see this website: