Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The End of An Era?

In the town of Tillamook, Oregon . . . 

A bookstore goes out of business.

Rainy Day Books, a local bookstore in Oregon, is forced to close its doors.  (You are probably familiar with the Rainy Day Books here in Kansas too.)


Karen Spicer, the owner of the store, has worked there 6 days a week for 26 years.  In the years past, she has had great success, and still has a handful of faithful customers who support her, but this is not enough to keep business going.

She says the signs started about 15 years ago, with Amazon.  People started buying books online, and small bookstores now had to compete with that.  She tried to adapt, but then came the Nook and Kindle.  Ebooks, which have become increasingly popular - some people buy all of their books in digital format now.  This is big trouble for small, local, and independent bookstores.  They can hardly - if even - compete.

Spicer says, “What people can’t get shopping online is the chance to wander the aisles and discover books that you never knew existed, to find a treasure, and encounter an author you haven’t read before. That’s what is lost in the digital age.”

To me, it's sad.  I love bookstores.  I want to support out local stores, and take the time to wander the aisles.  Are books - the ones you can hold, feel, and smell - going 'out of fashion'?  I hope not.

To see the article I have written about, visit this website.  

I encourage you to visit a local bookstore and support them!

~Caroline M.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Published! Ordering Information

Dear Friends, Family, and Readers:  Olivia Rogers and I are now officially published authors!  Ripples, a collection of poems, is now available on Amazon!  To see it, go here: ripples!  (ripples may not show up for the next few days in a google search, because it is so recent.)  For best search results, search: ripple - a collection of poems.  :)

If you are interested in buying a copy, here are some points to help you.
  • The list price for our book is $9.99.  You can search and find it on Amazon.  There, shipping will most likely be added.  The book will be shipped to you as always.  If you live out of town, this is probably the easiest way.
However, there is another route that is better for you and us as well.  For one, our profit is significantly less when a book is ordered through Amazon, as the above process.  Our price can be lower for you, as well, if you choose this second option!
  • We have a special discount for anyone who orders through us!  Get the book for $8.99, a 10% discount!   This deal is for all orders through us, and currently does not have a time limit.
  • To order through us - simply comment on this blog post, email us, or somehow contact us. When we accumulate a certain amount of orders, we will order the copies ourselves through our author membership account.  This takes shipping and 10% off for you, and also boosts our end!
  • We will deliver the books to you once they come in, and then you can pay us.
So if you would like a copy, just tell us!  We would also love feedback on our Amazon page!  Any questions, just email or contact us.  :)

Here is an email at which we can both be reached. 
More sites:  
See our new poem and writing blog, Two Friends. Two Pens.!! .  This has extra info, fun bits of stuff about us, some back ground story, and a bit of a preview of our other work!

We hope you enjoy our book!

~Caroline and Olivia, co-authors  :)