Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ask the Computer

Hi. My name is-well never mind. That's Top secret with a capital T. I'm a computer. I can answer about anything you ask me. Go ahead, ask me a question. "What is the capital of Massachusetts?" Asked an elderly woman who looked like she could have been a teacher. "Easy!!" I cried, "Concord." Suddenly, a crowd of people had crowded around me and were firing questions at me left and right! "What is 3010+4990?" A man cried out. "8000." How many people are there on the earth?" "7.3 billion," I said. These questions are way too easy for me! Then someone asked, "What is 1+1?" "Um," I said,"Um,uh - let me ask the printer."

That was the end of my career.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Damara and the Mailbox

One day Damara was walking down her neighborhood street when she heard a voice. "Damaraaa.... Damaraaaaa..." Damara turned around quickly. No one was in sight but an old mailbox. Then she heard it again, "Damara!! Come here!!" " Who are you?" Said Damara. "Why, I'm a mailbox, of course." Replied the voice. "Right." Said Damara. "No really, who are you??" The mailbox said nothing. Damara got up close and inspected the mailbox very closely. There was silence. Then the mailbox said, "BOO!!" Damara said, " Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Sophie, I know you're in there!!" "Sophie?" said the mailbox, "Who's Sophie? Damara just knew Sophie was in there. But she wasn't!!