Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Writer- by Caroline Meek

A word,
A thought,
A flash of inspiration,
Fills my head with longing,
and then,
They won't stop coming

The plot,
The layers,
The effortless flowing,
And constant striving,
the dream, 
So close to grasping

A beam, 
A hope, 
A new light rising,
The finishing touch,
Triumph arriving.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Tail of Tragedy: Part 2

Searching for my two beloved pets, my eye suddenly caught on something lying near the bottom of the steps leading upstairs.  It was Margaret.  The body lay there, and as I stared at it, a piercing wail suddenly filled the air and progressed to an-all out howl without hesitation, steadily growing louder.  I turned in time to catch a glimpse of a lump on the couch, which promptly rose and started up towards me, keeping up its haunting yowls.  Something inside me snapped, and I fixed the advancing Fluffy, my once loyal cat, with a withering glare.  A mixture of emotions boiled up in my throat and threatened to spill over.  I yelled.  "Fluffy!!  Bad kitty!!  You-you've killed m-my- goldfish!!!!!!!!  How could you??!!"  The cat meowed pitifully.   "Oh well.  So much for Margaret.  I can always buy another for 25 cents at the pet shop up the street.  But shame on you!!  Just in case you haven't learned your lesson, next time- I'm buying a Piranha!!"

The End

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Tail of Tragedy - Part One

"Well, my day started out out as I was leaving for work.  I bid farewell to Fluffy, my cat, and Margaret, who flicked her tail in return.  They watched together from the window as I got in my car and drove away. My day at work was virtually uneventful, and I left, ready for a evening with my two beloved pets.  As I pulled into the driveway,  the house seemed unnaturally still.  Silence was in the air, and the curtains were dormant.  As twilight settled in the horizon, I tried to shake off the uncanny feeling of foreboding.  I unbolted the lock on the door.  I turned the knob, then pushed open the heavy wood door.  I was greeted by a draft of chilly air followed by an erie silence.  "Fluffy," I call, "Margaret?"  Nothing.  I was met with absolute silence.

To be continued:)