Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stuck in an Elevator with an Elephant - by Caroline Meek

I'm stuck in an elevator with an elephant.
Don’t ask me why.
I’m sure he’s faring as bad as I.

The corner I’m in isn’t that comfy,
and this elephant’s nose
is really quite lumpy!

I’m not complaining, but this bell keeps ringing,
and the elevator music
sounds like a frog is singing.

This animal must weigh a million pounds,
I must report him
to the zoo’s lost and found.

My socks are wet from a janitor’s mess,
or perhaps a hippo’s drool,
I couldn’t care less!

I sorta got stuck ‘round his ample behind,
so if you plan to come up,
I hope you don’t mind!

Don’t ask me how I got in this jam,
it involves two giraffes,
and a yodeling lamb.

I’m losing my mind, I can’t last much longer,
remind me to visit that
misleading gopher!

The door finally opens at the very top story,
and in comes two cows,
and a very fat pony.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Love - by Caroline

Hopes can be dashed,
and conflicts will clash,
Joy can be slashed,
and triumphs may crash.
But in the hurt
there is purpose,
And through the pain
is a goal.  
Never lose sight,
keep you eyes fixed above.
On the magical, wonderful,
thing called- Love.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Poem - by Caroline Meek

A poem is Wise,
taking you to places
seen never before
by human eyes.
A whole new World,
where thoughts
are expressed simply
in a single word.

Deep meanings are revealed,
and the words hold truth,
that can be discovered,
but some things remain concealed.

It is an Art,
that reaches deep and far,
grabs hold and latches on,
to one's very heart.

A Mirror of the mind,
it shares with others
your feelings,
the thoughtful kind.
An Idea constantly
seeking an outlet
accept it, embrace it,
and let it spread freely.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Different Worlds - by Caroline

The variety of perfumes
in different words,
the contrasting color,
playing its part.

It redefines individuality,
setting new standards
but each bring new life,
the spice into quality.

Not one is excess,
they all fit the picture,
the puzzle's not complete,
with one missing petal.

Each has a place,
in their own different worlds,
How I wish I could be,
like a flower-
but I am.