Friday, August 6, 2010

Damara and the Mailbox

One day Damara was walking down her neighborhood street when she heard a voice. "Damaraaa.... Damaraaaaa..." Damara turned around quickly. No one was in sight but an old mailbox. Then she heard it again, "Damara!! Come here!!" " Who are you?" Said Damara. "Why, I'm a mailbox, of course." Replied the voice. "Right." Said Damara. "No really, who are you??" The mailbox said nothing. Damara got up close and inspected the mailbox very closely. There was silence. Then the mailbox said, "BOO!!" Damara said, " Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Sophie, I know you're in there!!" "Sophie?" said the mailbox, "Who's Sophie? Damara just knew Sophie was in there. But she wasn't!!


  1. If it could happen to Damara, it could happen to me! I may never get the mail again!!

  2. I think Damara is a very brave person to get up close to such a mysterious mailbox. I'll be waiting for the next installment to find out more about this old mailbox, Damara, and Sophie!!