Friday, July 23, 2010

Special Powers for a Day

My name is Lily. I used to have special powers. This is how it happened: One day I went fishing; and I felt a tug at the end of the line. I thought to myself, "Yes! I have a bite!" But it turned out to be an ankle bracelet with only 50 large real diamonds, it's string just 100 karat gold spun by a princess. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a little rainbow gem that shone in the sun. It wasn't much, but I tied it around my ankle anyway. As I cast my fishing rod I said to myself, "I wish this ankle bracelet was a fish." All of a sudden, I felt something flapping around at my feet. It was a fish!! Had I tied a fish around my ankle??! Then I realized I had just turned my new ankle bracelet into a fish! As I was thinking all this, the fish had squirmed off of my ankle onto the deck, and toward the edge of the water. I looked up from my ankle just in time to hear my precious fish plop into the ocean, never to be seen again. I still can't believe what happened that day. So much for the special powers.

1 comment:

  1. Let's see now....Lily had an ankle bracelet with many diamonds that were on a 100 karat gold string with a beautiful shinning gem and she turned it into a fish with her powers!!! Hmmmmm, I think maybe Lily got a little confused. I'm glad she didn't turn herself into a fish!! Hopefully she will get her powers back.