Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ask the Computer

Hi. My name is-well never mind. That's Top secret with a capital T. I'm a computer. I can answer about anything you ask me. Go ahead, ask me a question. "What is the capital of Massachusetts?" Asked an elderly woman who looked like she could have been a teacher. "Easy!!" I cried, "Concord." Suddenly, a crowd of people had crowded around me and were firing questions at me left and right! "What is 3010+4990?" A man cried out. "8000." How many people are there on the earth?" "7.3 billion," I said. These questions are way too easy for me! Then someone asked, "What is 1+1?" "Um," I said,"Um,uh - let me ask the printer."

That was the end of my career.

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