Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Once upon a time, we went to Lake Quivira to swim in the lake. We had a great time there. After our lunch of PBJs, Annie and I went back to the water, but Charlie stayed behind to play in the sand. While we were playing water tag, Charlie had found a mound of dirt and had started poking it with a stick. The hours passed by and suddenly we realized we hadn't seen Charlie for a long time; in fact, not since lunchtime! He wasn't in the water; he wasn't on the beach, no one was. There was just a little beach ball that had been put on the top of a pile of sand, it looked like it had a face on it. "Wait a second!" cried Annie, "Beach balls aren't allowed on this beach!" We ran over to the ball and realized that it had a mouth too! The 'beach ball' was really a human head just sitting there on the beach! Really, it was Charlie. He had buried himself in the sand!
The End.


  1. Caroline, that is so funny! I showed it to the boys and Jude asked,"How did he do that?!"


  2. Annabel,
    All we did was did a shallow ditch about 2 feet deep, he laid down with his head propped up by the sand and we covered him up.

  3. What a guy! That is a picture that will make everyone laugh forever!!