Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sea of Snow (updated)

The Sea of Snow          
Sparkling crystals,
A glassy show.
Icicles dripping,
Into a sea of snow.

An ocean of white,
A gale of wind,
A sea of crystals,
Outside and within.

A mini blizzard,
For miles around,
Flurries and snowflakes,
Covering the ground.

Icy blasts,
A storm of white.
Snow so cold,
In the cover of night.

Now it is calm,
The sea of snow,
A silent wonderland,
With a crystal glow.

With shimmering ice,
The trees are coated,
Joy to the world,
Sings a robin, red-throated.

The waves are still,
The sky is blue,
On snow so bright,
The sun shines true.

I am afraid,
I must confess,
I could go blind,
In this dazzling mess.
So from the window
I will go,
Leaving behind a sparkling,
Shimmering, icy,
Sea of snow.

          by Caroline Meek  


  1. Lovely poem! Hope that you'll keep posting from Costa Rica. :)

  2. Thank you :) I definitely will :)