Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Sound of My Thinking Tag (and The Army of Notebooks Who Stand at Attention)

Introducing...The Sound of My Thinking Tag!  For deep thinkers, wild thinkers, loud thinkers, abstract thinkers, absent-minded thinkers, and beyond!

1. Grab the graphic above
2. Stick it in a post about your thoughts: thought process, deep thoughts, trains of thought, imaginary worlds...(don't forget to include a copy of these rules).  You can personify your Brain, have a conversation with it...the possibilities are endless.
3.Then tag other friends to do the same and thank the person who tagged you!

To start off, I'm tagging Olivia, Carlyn, Sierra, CaitHannah, Katie, CaitKrissyMaddy, Victoria, and Olivia. (although if you like the idea and aren't tagged, tag yourself!)  I can't wait to see your posts - post a link in the comments if you wish!

On to my post...

My thinking can be pretty loud.

Sometimes I don't hear other people talking because I'm so busy talking to myself.  My family can attest to this.  Whether it's nervous-thinking, deep-thinking, gets in the way of out-loud-talking.

(That animal is almost as adorable as that chinchilla. Eep.)
Real life example:  I was getting lunch at the cafeteria last week and the lady said something and I nodded.  Then my brain went on a tangent while she said something else.  I didn't quite hear, so my brain just told me "oh, she just repeated herself."  So I just said "yeah" and nodded again.  Turns out she was asking for my lunch number and "yeah" wasn't a viable answer.

Ever walked into an elevator and then stood there for a full silent minute after the doors close, forgetting to push the button?  Because you were staring at the inspection certificate and playing out an entire scene in your head?  Because the certificate had expired 12 years ago and what if the elevator crashed and what would I do.  I mean you.  Because this is a totally hypothetically situation.  Who would do that, right?  (Me.)  Wait what?

My Brain when I tell it to stop overthinking, thinking-about imaginary-lands-and-ignoring-this-one, thinking-out-the-box, or even just plain thinking:

Then we're not even going to go into what happens at night.

(Okay, maybe we are.) BUT THERE ARE JUST SO MANY IDEAS!  I know brain, that's what daylight is for.  BUT THE BEST IDEAS COME AT NIGHT!  True, true, you have a point...*wrests mind back into control*  There's one fail-safe way to tell if I haven't been sleeping enough: I fall right to sleep.  Lately, I've been quite sleep deprived, so I haven't had too many night strikes from the Brain.  But I'm aware...I'm quite aware (literally, conscious for longer than I should be), when I have been getting enough sleep.

*cue endless writing sessions at ungodly hours*

I keep multiple notebooks at my bedside, for such occasions.  There's the Big Blue General Ideas Notebook, a five-section, gorgeous hunk of paper.  There's the Small Decorative Prayer Journal.  There's the Secret Notebook, whose contents are not to be named.  There's the Bucket List Notebook...which I think I started like a year ago and then haven't written in's still there though. I think.  There's the Advice Notebook.  There are the multiple "I Want to Learn This Foreign Language So I'm Going to Start a Notebook For It, Use About Ten Pages of It, Then Forget About It" Notebooks.  Greek. Nepalese. French. Penguin.  Notebooks for codes I've learned and invented.

The Current Army of Notebooks

Under the bed are the Endless Archives of Notebooks, dating at least 8 years back.  That box is getting full...I must remind myself to get a bigger box.

Bonus: Fluffly Dog posed in my photo shoot, free of charge!
And not to be forgotten, the Empty Notebooks, whom I stockpile in anticipation of, I don't know, the Upcoming Paper Famine.  Always be prepared, folks.

I shouldn't have to mention the pens that go in hand for these ventures.

Aren't they beautiful? *sobs*

But seriously, to give credit to my Brain, much of my best thinking does happen at night.  And then while I sleep....same story.  Often times I spend hours in the morning trying to separate my dreams from reality.  It gets sticky.  I have to ask people if I actually owe them chocolate, or that was just a dream, etc.  (Not that I plan to give away any chocolate anyway...)

During the day, it doesn't stop.  I'm always thinking.  And sometimes I wonder, is it possible to not think?  Can people turn their thinking off and not analyze everything?  Do some people just go through their days, not having excess thoughts about every Sidewalk Acorn they step on?  (If you are one of these fascinating, hypothetical people, I'd love to hear from you.  What is it like, the silence?)  Any opinions on this?

Sometimes the noise is overpowering, harmful, confusing.  It sucks me into a hurricane of thinking, wherein I go in circles for extended periods of time.

But in the brighter times, when I'm not being dragged in circles or failing to hear what someone's saying to me, my thoughts are my dear friends.  I don't know what I'd do without their counsel.  It's a place to go when I'm bored.  I love thinking deeply, especially on paper.  I love thinking logically, hypothetically.

I love dreaming - both at night and during the day.

What are your thoughts like?  Do you ever get lost in them? 

Who else hoards notebooks and ponders acorns?

(.......who doesn't......??)



  1. OHHHH THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME FOR THIS. :O I so so am going to do this. And I relate to your thinking patterns like A LOT. most particularly I get so lost in my thoughts I don't even realise people are talking to me. OH OH and like I go for walks everyday (the same route) so I know it pretty well...but I get so lost in thought that I'll like suddenly shake myself out of thinking and realise I'm like halfway home and I DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER GETTING THERE.

    And who even needs sleep? BAH. XDXD (Actually sleep would be nice. But the brain has no off switch.)

    I COLLECT NOTEBOOKS TOOOOO. And I never ever use them. xD I just take photos of them and stroke them and admire them. heeheehh. Ahem. One day I'll do something grand, though, because I LOVE NOTEBOOKS.

    Least to say this post is the best.

    1. YEESSS CAIT DO IIIIT! *flailing* I'm grinning so hard right now. xD Daily routines can get dangerous cause like you said...your brain goes other places hehehe...
      And yeah, it'd kinda be nice if brains had off switches, honestly. But oh well.

      OMG your pictures of books and such are wonderful. I also believe you will do something grand in a notebook - SOMEDAY. (not today, of course, cause petting). But someday. I'm writing my WIP in a beautiful notebook right now and it's wonderful.

    2. *whispers* Cait is INTJ and Caroline, I think you said you're INFJ? Which means you have the same dominant function(Ni), so it makes sense that you have similar thinking patterns. *mbti nerd out*

    3. Ooooooohhhh Kristana yeeessssss!!!!! *is also mbti nerd* That makes sense and Cait - I never knew you were an INTJ! That's great. And yeah, Krissy, nice memory - I'm mostly INFJ, with a lot of INTJ tendencies xD Aren't you INFJ too? Or something similar? (Funny how we know who all the INFJs are) LOL.

    4. Yes, mwahaha, EVIL INTJ HERE. (Idek why INTJs are always cast as the evil ones in literature and stuff?? I mean, we are nice. Sometimes...) AHEM. And I'm not an mtbi buff but IT IS STILL ALL SO FASCINATING.

      So we are like nearly brain twins, Caroline? I ACCEPT THIS.

    5. Idek either...we are so nice. I mean, we like cake......(i do very much, and I KNOW you do)....and um, sparkles and bunnies....
      But yes basically brain twins and IT'S WAND-ER-FAHL. XD

    6. I'm actually ENFP, haha. But close! :P

  2. My brain is like this it never stops, it's on some kind of continuous loop. All of those notebooks, I love it. I hoard notebooks as well most of them are empty, but you never know when you will need one.

  3. This is SUCH an exciting tag! I also have a notebook hoarding problem because I can never bring myself to "ruin" them. I mean ... who knows when there will be a GREATER need for a pretty notebook? And YES to writing at ungodly hours -- I wrote until 2AM last night for no apparent reason other than ~inspiration~

    Thank you for commenting on The Devil Orders Takeout!

    1. YES! (you should do the taaaag!!!! :) )
      Inspiration is a wonderful reasons to write ;)
      (Of course, it's impossible to use part of a notebook and then switch purposes and start writing something else......unheard of but AGH WHY MUST IT BE SO HARD XD)

  4. Eeeee!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!! This is so very much like me! I too have an army of notebooks that I'm slowly working my way through! And I overthink everything and go on mental tangents, and yes!!! All of it!!! This is all of it amazingness!!! I love it!!!!!!! *might consider doing this in the future*

    1. EEEP! Yay!!!! That is awesome. KEEP WORKING THROUGH.
      You definitely should do it, I'd love to read the post! :)

  5. Thanks so much for tagging me in this! :D I have a bit of a line-up of tags, but I will get to it. This is a cool one! It's neat seeing into your mind a bit. ^ ^