Sunday, February 21, 2016

Get to Know Me Tag

I've been tagged in a Get to Know Me Tag by the wonderful, heart-breaking, amazing Sierra Abrams.
I'm tagging Katie and Olivia!

Here we goooo.... :)

Name: Caroline Davies Meek
Nickname: Care Bear, Caro, Carolina, Cocoa...a few more xD
Birthday: September 8, 1998
Place of birth: Kansas
Star sign: Virgo
Occupation: Author & Student

Hair color: Light brown/carmel - although I've always wanted to try dying it darker!
Hair length: About to my elbow
Eye color: Blue-gray - like Annabeth Chase, to my immense delight
Best feature: My eyes? :)
Braces: A few years ago
Piercings: Sadly, I'm extremely allergic so no....but sometimes I wear the little metal cuffs on my upper ear.
Tattoos: Nope!  Maybe one day, something small.
Righty or lefty: Righty!

Best friend: Annabel Sears.  Still my BFFFFFF, even if she lives across an ocean. <3 span="">
Award: I think I got an award in like 4th grade for memorizing a bible verse each week in my youth group. :)
Sport: Volleyball!  Co-captain of my high school varsity team now, as setter and outside hitter.
Real holiday: Honestly, I'm not sure...probably a family trip to Branson, MO with cousins!
Concert: I went to Winter Jam last year, and it was great!  That's the only one so far. xD

Film: I LOVE the Princess Bride.
TV Show: SHERLOCK. <3 a="" also="" nbsp="" once="" span="" time.="" upon="">
Color: Blue! It's always been blue.
Song: Ummm....this is too hard.  I love "The Call" by Regina Spektor.  That's one of my many favorites. ;)
Restaurant: I love Five Guys, if we're talking fast food.  

Shop: Any bookstore. <3 span="">
Books: Welp, this is even harder.  *considers leaving it blank*  Umm, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Dancing on the Head of a Pen (review soon to come!), the Eragon series....and on and on...I have a whole bookshelf for my favorites, so...
Magazine: Don't really read many of these.  I do sometimes like science-y ones though!
Shoes: Anything comfortable.  Preferably fuzzy boots.  Or just plain fuzz.

Feeling: Tired, mildly accomplished for doing a blog post, and EXCITED ABOUT THE PROOF COPY OF THE DRAWING IN OF BREATH THAT CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY.
Single or taken: Taken!
Eating: Because of this question, I remembered I was hungry.  So now, I'm eating chocolate cheesecake. <3 span="">
Thinking About: What I'm currently doing.  And all the things I soon have to be currently doing.
Watching: My dog chase ALL THE BIRDS in the backyard.
Wearing: Sweats and a tee shirt!

Want children: Yeah, I think so.
Want to be married: Yes, if God wills it. 
Careers in mind: Writing. (and can I get paid for reading) And writing. Basically that.  And other art stuff.  Maybe I'll start a bookstore.  And edit stuff.  Or be a literary agent.  And write.
Where you want to live: I don't know.....someplace where it isn't cold all the time.

God: Yes!
Miracles: Yeah. :)
Love at first sight: I don't think you can love someone the moment you see them, but you could definitely like them a lot! xD
Ghosts: No? Not really.
Aliens: I don't think so?
Soul mates: Mhm, not exactly sure...I believe God has someone for me though, if that's what this means.
Heaven: Yes!
Hell: Yes.
Kissing on the first date: Nope. Wait. Lol :)
Yourself: Yes, because God is good and gives me strength. (I just left Sierra's answer here, cause it's perfect and I agree.)

Thanks for tagging me, Sierra!!


  1. Sherlock and Once upon a time are my faves!

  2. Aw, dang it, you're older than me. But just by a few weeks! :P

  3. Annabeth eyes?!? YOU ARE OFFICIALLY INTENSELY AWESOME. Also bookstores = best shops ever, clearly. Also you have excellent taste in books. I am just sayin'. ;D

    And...are you SHARING this chocolate cheesecake?!? Omg. *stamps foot*

    I loved reading this, Caroline. ;D

    1. OMG *dances* I've always wanted to be official intensely awesome!!!
      Thank you, those books are so goooood. And so many more I didn't mention, of course. xD
      And uummm........*maybe*? It was so goood though.....oreo/butter/caramel crust...eeeeeek ;) Maybe I'll like, snail mail you a piece.

  4. Cool getting to know more about you! We have similar taste in film, shows, and books. Hunger Games, Princess Bride, and Sherlock for the win!

    I did this tag a while back. ^ ^