Friday, November 5, 2010

An Argumentative Paragraph on the Advantages of A Large Family - By Caroline M.

A large family is a good thing. One of its advantages is that the older children can help with the younger ones. Also, the more children you have, the more grandchildren you'll have. Still, it costs more to feed and house a larger family than for a smaller one. Although the former single child may feel jealous at first, he or she will soon accept Number 2 as a playmate and friend. Large families have their disadvantages, but they also have many benefits.

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  1. Hi Caroline,

    This is certainly a topic that has been debated over the years, and as you say, there are advantages and disadvantages voiced in both camps. As an only child of a mother who was an only child, I speak from the viewpoint of the small family for sure! Even though my dad had one brother and two sisters, there ended up being only one cousin on that side. I always dreamed of being a part of a large family, but I have been blessed with an abundance of love from my "little family" that grows all the time, and many wonderful friends who have made me feel a part of their families! I guess it is all about what you make of it! :):)