Thursday, January 21, 2010


Squirrels live in every continent except Australia and Antartica. Tree squirrels are common in the United States. During the winter they have shelter in a nest that they have built; most squirrels have a few nests in case one is disturbed or threatened.

These are pictures Annie and I snapped in our backyard. The squirrel on the top of the page has been digging for nuts and has finally found one. In the second picture the squirrel has just invaded the bird bath. Eventually, the birds came back to eat the birdseed we put there. Next fall we are going to collect nuts for the squirrels and put the nuts in a bucket for them. In the
third picture the squirrel was running along the edge of our backyard fence. (We see them do this very often!) In the fourth picture the squirrel was jumping through the air as I snapped a picture of him. You can even see the snow flying up. The squirrel on the bottom is eating a nut that it dug up right outside our window. In the winter squirrels use their thick, furry tails as a blanket and a signal to other squirrels. Squirrels are very interesting and cute animals.


  1. Caroline this is wonderful! I love reading about your research and what you are learning. You are such an intelligent young lady! Keep up the great work!! I'll check in often. Love you - Chris.

  2. I thought the squirrels all lived in YOUR backyard! Nice photography, Caroline.

  3. Caroline...
    You are really doing a great job with your journal. The stories are very interesting and the pictures were great of the squirrels. I had a lot at my other house. They really liked to play in my flower beds in the spring. NOT GOOD! But they are cute. I'll continue to watch for more stories.