Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Retelling of The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf!'

Once there was a shepherd boy. He lived on the outskirts of town and was responsible for 300 sheep. One day he decided to play a trick on the townspeople. He ran into the village screaming,"Help! Come quick! A wolf has got my sheep!" They came running with pitchforks, guns, and large sticks. When the arrived, the sneaky boy laughed uproariously and rolled on the ground. The villagers were disgusted and went back to their work in the fields. Another day, when all was peaceful, the boy played the same prank again. And once again, the townspeople fell for it. The boy laughed uncontrollably and eventually the villagers resumed their duties. Then, on a dreary fall day, a wolf crept into the flock and began killing all the lambs! When the shepherd boy saw this, he ran in great alarm to the village in which he begged," Please help! A wolf is killing all the sheep!" But the people exclaimed," Come on, we aren't that foolish! Do you think that we would fall for your escapades again? No!" Upon hearing this, the boy sank to the floor and began to cry. As a result of his pranks, he lost all of his sheep. This is what comes about when one lies.


  1. You're very right, Caroline!

    (not that I've experienced it!:)


  2. This has always been one of my favorites because it has a very easy to understand lesson. You retell it well. Love you, Gramma