Monday, May 17, 2010

War on People

I am a large turkey from North America, and I am going undercover for all species of animals, big and small. You see, we animals have decided to do war on people because they have been polluting our environment and taking our land. I have been chosen to sneak inside the city limits of New York and penetrate the powerful forces of the People. Duck! Here comes a car! Phew, that was a close one. I am now inside the city, and I am sneaking along the main highway. Okay, let's review the plan. So I dramatically throw myself into the main Pizza Hut and cry out pathetically. Then, make a poor attempt to stand, fail, succeed, and then stagger pitifully around the room. The People will then take me to a nearby hospital. After this, I will signal other animal spies to come, repeat the above, and end up in the hospital with me. After we have all of our spies in the city, we will start the war. Did I forget anything? Good, see you around!


  1. The setting looks familiar!! I hope he is not using my house for the hospital!

  2. I hope all the animals don't declare war here in San Francisco. We are friends with all the animals here...expect the pigeons.

  3. The picture made me think of the bird we saw on the way to the spray park. You were right! The long neck should have been my first clue it was certainly a turkey!