Thursday, March 25, 2010

Should I Tell? By Caroline Meek

Should I tell?
By Caroline Meek
Mrs. White was handing out the fifth-grade girls' report cards. Anna squeezed her eyes shut, waiting, hoping for A's and B's. When she finally got her card she sighed in disappointment. This was Anna's report card:

History C-
Science C+
Math B-
Art A+
Music A-
Spelling D+

After school, on the bus, Anna listened while her best friend told her about her grades.
"All A's and a B!" exclaimed Sarah. Anna congratulated her friend weakly, sadly thinking about her grades, dreading what Sarah would say. "What if she wouldn't want to be friends with a person who got really bad grades?" thought Anna. After deciding not to tell her good friend about her bad grades, Anna got off the bus at her stop and walked slowly home.

That night Anna couldn't sleep. She had a terrible feeling in her stomach. She felt bad about not telling Sarah about her grades.

When she woke up she, she ate breakfast and got ready for school. She still had a bad feeling in her stomach. So she told Mother about her situation and asked her opinion about it.
Mother explained to Anna why she shouldn't keep secrets like that from her best friends.
"Don't be ashamed of your grades," said Mother,"Just work your hardest and maybe next time you'll do better.

So that morning Anna went happily to school and worked very hard. During recess, she apologized to Sarah for being ashamed and not telling about her grades. Sarah forgave her and after hearing Anna's grades, she offered to help her with homework on Fridays after school. "Alright!" said Anna and Sarah in unison.


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  1. This was my favorite one. Mom's know best don't they? Thanks for sharing your work.