Sunday, January 24, 2016

This Blog is a Dinosaur, and Do You Like Chinchillas?

This blog is a dinosaur.  Now, it is a dinosaur with a makeover.

Also, I am a penguin.  (To be explained in a later post.)

This post is a chinchilla.  (That will never be explained because there is no logical reasoning behind it.  It just happened.)
Although I think this adorableness is just about all the explanation one could possibly need. (They literally have the softest fur of all land animals.  And they shed said fur in large chunks if frightened.)
Anyway, this blog is at least 6 years old and has just been redesigned!  Previously called Caroline's Corner, I started it on New Year's Eve, 2010.  It has been posted on sporadically since then, with anything from 5-30 posts a year.  Now, in 2016, I am 17 and it is suffice to say that....I have progressed as a writer.  Let's leave it at that.  

When I was first inspired to really get back to blogging consistently, I considered just making a new blog.  This one has some.....grammatically-questionable content, for one.  My 11-year-old brain focused on anything from random animals, bowls of sugar, researching the Pacific Ocean, Sherlock Holmes...okay, maybe my taste hasn't changed too much.  ( I mean, don't change something that's already awesome, right?)   

In the end, I decided to keep everything.  So, if you want to see Mini-Caroline's first blog post ever, it's still here.  I haven't changed a single misplaced comma.  

Why?  I figured someone in this world might be interested in seeing the progress of a writer through the years.  Improvement.  All lot of my early days were creative writing and research assignments from school.  Then it moved on to documenting parts of my life and a lot of poetry.  Caroline's Corner was a blog about writing, research, life, God....I haven't changed that too much either.  

Also, since I've left everything on here, exposed, then announced it with a megaphone, why not go all out and actually post some links?  

Here's a short but detailed post about a hawk that was hanging out on our porch.
Here's when I posted about squirrels (pictures included!).
And finally, here's the infamous toucan-papaya-disaster, in which said bird did something on my shoulder.

If you've never met me before, here's a nice chance!  Drop in and say hi in the comments!  If you do know me, welp, let's reminisce, shall we?

Please, don't laugh too much.  

~Caroline M.

Do you still have writing from your 'baby stages' as a writer?  Care to share?  How have you seen yourself grow over the years?


  1. I have writing from when I was 10. Crazy stuff! So excited to see your blog up and running. I'll be looking forward to reading! (:

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world! I didn't even know blogs existed when I was ten, though I do have some old writing from that age on paper I dare not share. XD Happy blogging to you!

    1. Thanks Victoria! Yeah...that stuff can get pretty interesting. ;) You too!