Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Everything Blog

The post's title would probably be a more accurate title for this blog.

I mean, yes, I loosely stick to the writing and book and life themes, but even those are a wide range in themselves!

Past topics on this blog have included:

and so on.  

(Heehee, it was fun going through all of those.  I also realized that I've been blogging for 7 years??)

It's not, on first glance, a cohesive list of subjects. 

But they always scream caring-ly at me, "Blog for you! Do it for yourself! Don't let people put you in a box!"

So I did.  And consider yourself screamed at as well.  If you blog, or write, you shouldn't let someone else dictate what you're doing. (See: robot)

But I've also heard whispers that you should keep your blog consistent.  Like, don't be talking about your fascination for tacos and your budding writing career at the same exact time.  


It probably depends on the blog.  Many people do want a blog focused on one or two main things, and that can provide a very nice place for other people who are looking for that exact thing! No sorting through chinchilla posts to get to the book reviews.  

But I ended up with an Everything Blog.  It definitely reflects who I am.  It lets me talk about whatever I want to without shocking my readers.  I'm happy with the variety.  So don't be afraid to run a blog with no set topic!  I don't, and it hasn't sunk my ship yet.

I mean, my BLOG TITLE says this thing is about "Stars", but I don't think I've actually ever talked about stars.  I just like stars, okay?

And finally, I've been thinking a lot about appreciation this week.  So if you're reading this, thank you.  It means a lot that people listen. :) *huggssssss*

What's your opinion of an Everything Blog?  Do YOU have an Everything Blog?  Is your blog secretly trying to become one, without your consent?  

Is there anything you'd like me to post more of (after we just finished talking about how NO ONE CAN CONTROL ME) ;) (I actually am curious though)


  1. I totally get this!! It's like niche blogging vs. everything blogging, right?! I think it just depends on what a person wants their blog to achieve, tbh.😂 I'm a niche blogger and I occasionally do life posts and this is entirely fine with me. Eeeep! But I do enjoy reading blogs where you never know what you're going to get. IT'S EXCITING.
    Also 7 years?!?!? WOW THAT'S SO SO AMAZING!!

  2. I love this! When I started blogging, it was about everything. Then I spent a good deal of time attempting to do blogging the "right" way. You know, the personal branding, the niches, the SEO theories. Then I realized that there's really no one single way to blog. I hated putting myself in a box, and it made blogging miserable. Now I'm back to "Everything" blogging, and it's absolutely wonderful.

  3. I love Everything Blogs! They're fun *nods*. And I like all your posts, but it would be neat if you posted more music stuff - I absolutely LOVED your Glitter and Roses video, it was AH-MAZING.

    My blog used to be an everything blog (back when I was about ten and wrote about everything under the sun and totally didn't know what I was doing. Just sayin', some of those posts were deleted XD). Now it's mostly about writing :D.

  4. Love it! And I so get it. :) I always thought I'd be an everything blogger, but when I started niche-blogging (faith + Christian living) people started taking me so seriously that I felt like I'd disappoint them with too much of my own stuff. XD But I still have fun once in a while blogging about books or life or whatever. :D I love to read everything-blogs, though, because I feel like I really get to know the author of it well, even if they don't know me. :,)

    // Amanda @ Scattered Journal Pages