Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Off My Grass!" The Real Meaning of That Acronym (Series): OMG

Do you ever look at an acronym and just wonder: "What in the world does that mean???!!!??!"  Or maybe you've been told what it means, but long for a deeper meaning than the lame universal one?

This post is for you.

OMG = Olivia's My Gramma

Somehow, this one seems to make a lot of sense?  I'm not sure why?

OMG = Off My Grass!

You probably got this a lot as a child if your neighbor was a stereotypical movie/comic neighbor. 

OMG = Oregon Makes Glitter

I hear it's really high quality glitter, too.

OMG = Oh! Many Goats!

This is what you say when a herd of goats randomly walks down the street.  Or if you're alone in a deserted area, then realize you're not alone...

That's a seriously tough goat who thinks he can take on a car.  *applause*

OMG = Orange Monkeys Gallup

Have you ever seen this?  It should definitely be on your bucket list.  The 19th Wonder of the World, according to some.

OMG = Orangutans Maim Giraffes 

A tragic fluke of nature.

OMG = Objects (of) Mass Gratification

Those things that make you really happy.  Like when you look out the window and you realize it's not the end of the world.  Or when you find chocolate stashed in your winter coat pocket.

OMG = Obfuscating Majestic Gramophones

Those things you find in your attic and they look great but you're not really sure what to do with them.

OMG = Or My Grapes

This is good to use when you are considering eating your strawberries but aren't fully committed to that plan yet.

Well, now you know.

What else could OMG stand for?  Will you be using any of these explanations now?

Off-my-grass, you definitely should.


  1. Hahaha! This is great! ^.^ I have only ever used it for the typical OMgoodness/gosh. I gotta say that Off My Grass is a great one. I wonder how long it would take people to the idea? :P

  2. Oh goodness, this was SO good XD. I would say it could stand for ... oh my grapefruit. I don't know, I just like it :D.

  3. Love this! The goat one reminded me of a picture I've seen with dozens of goats on top of this one actually happens. XD I'm struggling to think of anymore meanings, because you covered them all so brilliantly! :D