Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cinnamon spills the Sugar!! Part I

My name is Cinnamon. Except the ironic thing is that I am a sugar bowl. Oh well, I like my name. Anyway, I work, or sit, at Millie's Cafe. One day I was sitting on my table and thinking to myself, "What a beautiful day!!", when two rude, sinister looking men came and sat at - whose table?? Mine!! Out of the 378 table at Millie's Cafe, they picked mine. They sat down and began talking. Suddenly, I was interested again. They were talking about the zoo. Not about going there, no, but of something else. This is what I heard: "So Larry, we need the tiger, lion, cheetah, elephant, cougar, and some kangaroos." "Right Joe" said Larry, "first we break into the zoo at night, distract the guards, then take their keys and make chaos by unlocking all the animal. Next, we'll get out with the above animals, and then the fun part-WE DOMINATE THE EARTH!!!!!"

To be continued.

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  1. OK....I am in suspense waiting to find out what happens next!!