Friday, February 25, 2011

Cinnamon Spills the Sugar : Part II

"WE DOMINATE THE EARTH!!!!!" At this, my sugar clumped up, and my china chipped. Who were these men? They continued. "But first", said Larry, "we'll advertise in all newspapers that the world is going to end, and make a lot of money." Now, I said, it is time for action!! I had a plan, but I had to sacrifice my beautiful sugar. So without hesitating, I dumped my precious cargo ofsugar over the table, down , down, down, to the ground. This immediately brought the manager running. It also roused the other customers and before long, we had a crowd gathered around my table, trapping the schemers. When the manager saw me pointing to the suspicious characters, he grabbed them and said, "Young man, we don't not waste sugar in this restaurant!" The crowd gasped. One little child said, "How could he?!!" Someone called the police. They came, dragged the whole story out of them and took them away. I never heard from Larry or Joe again. And as for me, I was the hero of the day!! I was given more sugar to hold and was promoted to the first class tables.

1 comment:

  1. Very clever of both the sugar bowl and the writer! I'll bet sugar bowls hear many interesting conversations. We better be careful what we talk about when we are sitting around a table with a sugar bowl. :):)