Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sea of Snow

The Sea of Snow

Sparkling crystals,

A sea of snow,

Icicles dripping,

This sea of snow.

Trees are weighed down,

Covering the ground,

A sea of crystals,

And sparkling white snow.

Last night I watched,

As it all came down,

Flurries and snowflakes,

Covering the ground.

The wind did blow,

Did it stop? No.

A mini blizzard raged,

In our backyard,

Icy blasts,

And snow so cold,

Through the night,

A storm of white.

Now it is still,

A sea of snow,

A silent wonderland,

With a crystal glow.

The trees are covered,

With shimmering ice,

A bright-eyed junco,

On it's snowy perch.

The waves are still,

The sky is blue,

The snow so bright,

The sun shines true,

I an afraid,

I must confess,

I could go blind,

In this sparkling,

Shimmering, icy,

Sea of snow.

So, from the window

I will go,

Leaving behind, a sparkling,

Shimmering, icy,

Sea of snow.

Finish I must,

So leave I will ,

Tearing my eyes,

From the scene so still.


  1. I loved it! You are so gifted! God gave you a very special heart. Love you!

  2. That is an incredibly lovely poem. I read it three times! It is filled with beatiful imagery that really reflects the picture above.
    I loved it. Thank you for sharing, Carloine. Love, Gramma

  3. I am always amazed how you can sit at the computer and put words into art in such a short amount of time. What a gift. Thanks for sharing it with us. love you, Goose! xoxo Momma