Sunday, May 21, 2017

Senior Year Recap!

So it's been a long couple of months, involving few blog posts, much progress with Project Canvas, and the end of the jail that has been high school!  I'm finally finished with classes, and I officially graduate in three days.  Thank goodness for that.

The last four years have been a huge struggle, but even as I'm wrapping it all up, I still realize that many of the hardest things were what taught me the most.  I learned how to deal with stress and a truckload of other unappetizing to get homework done after procrastinating for way too long, balance my schedule (maybe I still need to work on that one...) and prioritize the things I really care about.  In the end, I love the friendships I made, and I'm proud of what I accomplished. I have little regrets, other than often being too stressed to enjoy life in the way I'd like to.  Some of the highlights from this year?


 - Publishing Alone, I Sonder with the YWKC club!  300 pages, our biggest anthology yet. :)
 - Being accepted to the University of Iowa and receiving their Presidential Scholarship.  I can't wait to go this fall.  I'll be studying Creative Writing.
 - Being voted Most Valuable Member of my beloved choir.
 - Surviving the abominable IB program and all the exams it entails.
 - The Sister Act musical I did with our theatre program!
 - Being a part of the Louder Than a Bomb team we started this year
 - ^ Can't follow that with anything, thus here ends the highlights.


I made a lot of progress on my current WIP, Blue Black, and sporadically wrote poetry.  In essence, this year was full of the arts, and I liked it that way. I narrowed down my interests, while at the same time branching out into the arts and growing more confidence both on the stage and in myself.

However, I was also metaphorically drowned by school work and stress, so it's going to take a while for my creativity to recover enough to start seriously writing again.  But even in that past few days of being FREE, I feel incredibly better.  I've been working out every morning, for the first time in months, and feeling a lot more positive.  This summer is already wonderful.


It was a whole lot of "lasts", in the past few weeks.  Last choir concert, writing club meeting, theatre banquet, LTAB event.  The last time I'll walk into my teachers' rooms as their student.  But definitely not the last time I'll find amazing people to love and do awesome stuff with, and not the last time I'll learn amazing things and grow so much.  Not the last time that I'll be able to impact people, and be impacted right back.

Beginning of senior year VS. end of senior year:

Hopefully I'll be around the blogging world a lot more now, so I look forward to talking with you all!

Caroline :)

PS  (No little hearts cause Blogger yells at me every time I try and make a keyboard heart. -.- But I promise I love you all.)

Update - I found the little hearts, thanks Olivia Fisher xD

🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💖💘💙💚💜💛💝❣❤♡  MWAHAHA SO MUCH LOVE.

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