Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sumner Sports and More!

Almost a month since the last post, and not much new!  In volleyball, we had our first three games on a night a couple weeks ago.  Won the first against Bonner, and lost the other two - I played main setter and team captain!  I am now going to the morning varsity practices at 6am (Coach suggested it), which are twice a week, for extra practice, as well as after school!  I am loving it all.

We had a tournament in Atchison on Saturday (yesterday), and it was a great experience.  10 teams participated, and Sumner advanced to the semi-finals and placed 4th!  The Sumner freshman team had not reached the semi-finals for at least three years.  Our coach was happy - and we got medals!  The 3 games we lost were close, too; by the end we were exhausted, but loved it. 

 The next two or three weeks we have a lot of games and a couple more tournaments; our first (and sadly, only) home game on October 1st against Wyandotte, Schlagle and Washington.  This is a quad, so we play three games total.  If you want to come and see us play, we start around 4:30pm, in our gym at Sumner!  Comment with any questions. :)  I think there is about $4-5 fee per person to get in.  

Not much else to tell, except that Olivia and I are in the final stretch of our novel, Go East on No Road!  About 8 more chapters to write, then editing.  We have about 32 chapters so far.  Also, we are about to make another order for the poem book, Ripples ($9), so comment or email me if you want to order one through us! 

Thanks for reading!
Caroline M.


  1. Thanks for the update, Caroline!!! :) Love the look on Kipper's face on the team pic :D Congrats on your success!! Sounds like a ton of fun for you!

  2. Glad you're having so much fun with volleyball!

  3. Remember I REALLY NEED TO CATCH UP!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!