Saturday, August 31, 2013

School Update

Hey everyone!  Haven't posted in a while, but a lot of things have been happening. 
My first two weeks at Sumner high school have been awesome.  I have met a lot of awesome new friends, and started to get used to the schedule of public school (one of the hardest things being having to go every day!).   The cafeteria has been an adventure - the lines take forever - but the food isn't all that bad.  :)  I take the bus from the corner of 16th and Grandview, a block away from my house, and ride it about 10 minutes to and from school!  It has been fun, especially cause my friend Helen also rides it.  (It has been so great to have someone I know at Sumner!).

I also like my classes.  I am taking World History, Choir, Computer Applications, Physics, English, and Geometry.   I especially like Choir, Physics and Geometry.  :)

One of the best things, though, is the volleyball.  I tried out and made the freshman team last week!  We have had practices every day since then, and even though the schedule is a little tiring, I am loving it.  I am getting to know girls from all three teams (9th grade, JV, and Varsity), and I love the team dynamics.  We have our first game on Tuesday against Bonner!!!

I also auditioned for the 2014 Poetry Slam Sumner does - a big show with dancing, singing, poetry and other such performances - and just found out that I was accepted!  I read the poem "Sick", by Shel Silverstein.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm so excited for all you're experiencing, Caroline! You are such a great student, friend, and athlete too! You'll do great in High School!!

  2. You ROCK, Caroline! We sure do miss you being here everyday, but I am delighted that Sumner is the perfect fit for you. I love seeing you enjoy every moment of it, even standing in the rain for 20 minutes for the bus the first day of school. We are proud of you and cannot wait to see your first game. Go Sumner Sabres!

  3. Wow, I'm so impressed! I love hearing about all your new adventures at Sumner. :)

  4. Awesome! Love the update!! I'm so excited for you. ;)

  5. You couldn't be more ready for this! I'm glad you are enjoying it so much. You have passed me up with your physics! Wow, you are smart little freshman!!!