Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 by Caroline

The Spring breeze sweet,
It gladdens my heart, 
To see new life,
 So joyous in part

As birds sing out,
And blossoms unfold,
Revealing new beauties
Such treasures untold

The sky so calm,
A cloudless blue scene,
With prancing lambs,
And swans serene

A glimpse of this, 
A land without care,
The world once sweet,
Will fade to despair

Sin is darkness,
It also can spoil,
And so it did,
Beginning great toil

Enjoy Spring now,
Because fade it will,
Plunging the world,
Into dark and chill

Thank you O God,
For sending your son,
To right the wrong,
Long since begun


  1. Caroline, this poem is amazing! So beautiful, and such amazing truths. You are very talented. Miss you so much! Love, Amy

  2. Well done! You are very talented. :)