Tuesday, July 18, 2017

things i love

- remembering what it feels like to be inspired

 - having so many words inside of me that i can physically feel their warmth

 - eating ice cream and cookies and chocolate, all at the same time

 - just looking at my dog for a really long time and thinking about how cute he is and the fact that he loves /me/

 - writing letters to strangers and leaving them, not knowing who's going to pick them up

 - taking showers in complete darkness and thinking for a really long time

 - stars

 - surprise messages from friends

 - handwritten letters

 - being calm enough to do art for no reason other than doing art

 - when my words have an impact and i can actually see it

 - waking up and feeling good and smiling

 - the smell of rain and old wooden window sills

 - hugs. really long hugs. 'i-understand-you-and-love-your-soul' hugs. random hugs. all the hugs.

- sitting in silence with other people

 - the color blue

 - when people ask how i'm feeling, and they actually want more than a generic answer

 - feeling calm and at peace with myself and the inevitable lack of order + knowledge in my life

 - randomly finding new friends, yelling at them about things, and generally getting along amazingly after only 29 seconds

 - not feeling like i have to perform for anyone, and not wanting to

 - watching fire burn black and blue and red while everything around you is dark

 - trees. climbing them + smelling them + feel a mutual sense of nurture

 - books that make me feel powerful and 'like myself'

 - finding words and colors that feel just right

 - becoming a blanket burrito during the winter

 - friends who are frens no matter where you live or how long it's been since you've seen them

 - coffee that repairs my insides

 - letting my brain wander and loving the places i end up in

 - the feeling of being in the city, surrounded by people, alone

what do you love?


  1. Oh, what a beautiful post, these truly are things to love!