Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stained Glass

background photo credit: Adrian Limani
Sometimes God's plans for our lives don't manifest themselves as warm, soft summer breezes.  After all, not much changes if the air is stale and gentle.  Life is not gentle.  But it is the turbulent drafts that catch the leaves during fall.  After the leaves have fallen, it is the wind that picks them back up, and even as they are buffeted and thrown about, they rise.  They fly - their flight is not steady; it is full of ups and downs - but they fly. 
Likewise, if our journey is short, where will it take us?  Surely not much farther than where we originally were.  Then, it is the long trials, the winding paths, that are worthwhile in the end.  We can chose either to protest and wander, searching for a shortcut, or we can run.  We can run with purpose and joy, because we know that there is victory at the end of the road. 

Stained Glass
By Caroline Meek

If the wind blows hard enough –
I won’t fall down,
I’ll fly.

I’ll run - 
I won’t stop going,
When the journey is long.

If the path is too narrow –
I won’t stumble,
I’ll watch.

 I’ll listen - 
I won’t feel blind,
When the night is too black.

If I’m too weak to act –
I won’t despair,
I’ll think.

I’ll speak - 
I won’t hide,
When I feel alone.

If I’m not good enough –
I won’t give up,
I’ll try.

I’ll love.
I won’t freeze,
When it’s cold outside –

If the water’s too deep –
I won’t drown,
I’ll swim.

And if my life shatters –
I won’t trash the shards,
I’ll glue them.