Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poem: A Face Unknown

A Face Unknown
by Caroline

Why am I here, asks someone unknown.
Here, in a place of two-sided intentions, What will I do?

Our land is obviously divided,
by the professed intent to care and help,
and the hard tendency to reject certain people
who have somehow been pushed into an undeserved field of invisibility. 

We drive people away and refuse to see them
for what they are, in our perpetual condition of great hypocrisy. 

A person tries, but for naught,
for we have already programmed
a system of inevitable failure for those
we have chosen to ignore. 

This person is as an alien in this place,
for it is clear we have nothing in common. 
But does this statement make us aliens as well? 
What planet have we come from? 

Please tell me, what do we think of these people? 
What have we decided?
While we choose to be blind, they see us.

What can I do, asks someone unknown. 
Do I not discern an almost willing spirit
in this person, or is it an illusion? 
For what else can I interpret this determination as? 

Somehow they still go on, despite our walls. 
Could such spirit be learned from? 
We admire such traits in our leaders. 

What are we?  I get the feeling our realities
are compromised or askew, for denying ourselves
the benefit of truly knowing these people. 

A stranger walks among us,
speaking, but who will hear?

Who is this person?  A face unknown,
because who will look at him
with the purpose to love? 
Unknown, this person from another place. 

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