Wednesday, January 8, 2014

100 Word Paragraph Challenge

Found this on a fun writing blog.  (

Challenge:  To write a paragraph under 107 words, including the 7 word camp. 
Prompt: Every word he spoke was a lie. 

This is what I wrote.  :)  I thought it would be cool to do something from a different perspective than usual, something that most people would not do. 

Every word he spoke was a lie.  And still, even now he lies.  The little bird in the brass wire cage – you must not heed him.  For I know, as sure as my mother’s whiskers, that he lies.  The limp wing, the lowered eyes – they swirl in a thick fog of deception before you.  Every chirp he utters is an ugly threat masked in bright yellow, a masquerade to hide intent.  As small creatures in captivity, they are pitiable, but what the human eye cannot discern is their unfathomable power.  In the sky – out in the open, they are not so humble.   


(picture from Google)


  1. Hahahahaha that picture is perfect for that paragraph, the cat looks so put off!!