Friday, June 14, 2013

News . . . .

Here are a few exciting things that have been happening lately . . . .

- Writing!  The second proof copy for our poetry book came today!  Now we will just have to review it and make sure all is good, before the process is finished.
- I'm getting my braces off in FIVE days!  Very excited about that.  It's been 15 or 16 months. . .
- I have been wanting to find a volleyball camp this summer - we finally found one at a nearby high school!  I will be doing that soon.  I am hoping to be in Sumner's V.B. team in the fall, so this will be a really good experience beforehand.

It's been a good and busy week!  I have been reading a ton also.  One great book I just finished is the Bronze Bow.  A historical fiction set back in the time of Jesus.  Books have been coming in and out of my house very quickly lately.  I've set a goal to read at least 66 books this summer.  So far.....I've finished about 13 (since May 20).

Have a great weekend!
    - Caroline M.

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