Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shrubs, Iguanas, and Volcano - OH MY! A Trip to Arenal

Wow it has been an eventful last month or two - in which I have not written much!  I'm a bit over now I will finally fill y'all in with 3 posts on the last 2 months.  :)

About a month ago we went to a live volcano, Arenal, with the Sears family.  We drove together in a big mini bus and had a great time!  On the way there, we stopped at a cool place that had shaped shrubs and stuff.

Also, for lunch, we ate at this amazing place........there were iguanas all over!  Outside the little restaurant, the reptiles just sat around - around 15 of them!  They were really calm too, and not too scared of people.....

This last one is actually licking my toe!  I was trying to take a picture of him by my foot.....then he turned around and started nibbling my toe!  Definitely not shy.....just goes up and licks a stranger.  :)
After the 3 hour drive, everyone was very excited to get there and see the volcano!

(Our hotel was 'Los Lagos')

  Our two 'cabin's were right next to each other, and pools just a few steps away across the little roadway.  We were literally at the base of the volcano.  The pools were hot springs heated by the volcano!  It was really awesome, and each of the many little pools were along a path, in little corners and under tropical trees........all of them were different temperatures so you could choose whatever you wanted.  Some of them were really cold.....others steaming, literally!  In two of the main big ones were water slides!  This one was especially fast, and had a dark tunnel at the end!

The four girls.... me, Annie, Annabel, and Michel.  :)

It was a great trip.

                 ~Caroline M.   <3 p="">


  1. Wow! Once again, u are making me jealous :) looks like a wonderful time! Iguanas rock! Glad you had fun :O)

  2. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looking forward to seeing you next week.